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    You take Shock Therapy first, for 10 days, to clear out the bad bacteria, so the good ones you are about to take don't have to compete with them. Then, you switch to Suprabiotic (probiotic) and Primer (prebiotic), together.
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    They are currently available at DPS and NutraPlanet, BTW.
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    I am very much into probiotics and probiotics related accessories, currently -- for fat loss, muscle building, and brain function. I've posted quite a few times in the blogs section about it.
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    What's up Par? Good to see you have the board back up. I was just thinking the other day how awesome this board was back in the day. There's still nothing I've seen anywhere that can touch the level of science this board had back in the ~2003-2005 era.
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    Very cool Let's talk newest legal supps for growth and same for cutting
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    Holy brightness... Why the hell is there so many lights on around here?!
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    Yes. need to add 'Like' functionality, boi.