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  1. Erection loss when standing

    Wow this is a pretty intense thread and I'm expeirencing similar symptoms. The erection thing and poor circulation in the feet (it is worst when I run). I'm seeing a podiatist and have not been able to get rid of athelets foot. I currently take methylphenidate and paxil at bed time. The problem could be methylphenidate except I had the standing erection problem before use. I personally thin it has to do with testosterone so, I'm supplementing PLCAR & ALCAR in a 2:1 ratio. I know from expeirence that letrozole will cause ED.
  2. can plastic dissolve into water ?

    I would get a home water dispenser with a water company like Le Blue. The water isn't in the containers long enough for any leaching or diffusion. As for the topic description I highly doubt any plastic will change into water from decomposition and maybe a gum or fruit rollup will desovle in water.
  3. Yeah! Just like a big AC gorrilla eating the side of a mountain or a prostitute under behavioral therapy. Don't go APE SHIT!!!
  4. Nothing taken personal and like wise! I have been able to get some gray area substances and maybe not enough. Not off the topic I might like to try cylert and paxil combo since I'm maxing out ritalin at 60mg/day chill dudes, Don
  5. Looking for GHB

    You said that right!!! Get a lobster pot or large spaghetti pot (stainless steel). Add a 1/2 gallon butyric acid to 2-1/2 gal everclear then heat and 3:4 molar concentration of the two ideal acids (you determine?). It will rumble and make a whole pot full of GHB. All you have to do is recrystalize, purify in new or fresh ethyl alcohol, filtter and dry. It is the easiest bathtub drug ever.
  6. Unless you can do 60 rep of 50% max then your ligaments and tendions aren't ready for proffessional sports. Start with 20 reps of 50% max and increase to 40 and so forth. for instance I start with 40 rep-160lb 60' incline and lower rep by 50% each rep while I increase weight by 20-30lb. I start high rep goto heavy low rep, then railroad back to high rep or go reverse and finish with 60rep at 120lb. I try to use this theory and pick an excersie involving each muscle group or similar to circuit training with one concentrated excersize for muscle group. After lifting I only walk on treadmill to maximize muscle growth. After I finish cycle I run 3ml-30min then walk 30min everyday. After I the run Icool down alittle then do a set of 60 reps every 10min of walking. It work for me? When I do this I look like a male supermodel or male prostitute.
  7. HGH Site Injections

    False!! Maybe if you inject yo penis and keep it hard for two hours. Theory: HGH is converted to IGF-1 in the liver the IGF-1 goes to muscles and when an exertion is applied to the muscle cell IGF-1 is converted to MGF. So, use MGF for isolated muscle growth. Maybe, inject 100mcg Long IGF-1 R3, and 200mcg MGF into penis once a day. Prefferably upon wake up!!!
  8. I was thinking opiods: generic percocet, oxycontin, or morphine from a US company to a US bussiness and what information they will need from me. Will they want my bussiness licence, DEA #, address and what exactually will they checkout or investigate and what will be their procedures? I guess I need to get together with a sales rep of a pharmaceutical company to find this out.
  9. When I order a pharmaceutical from a manufacture in the US, what exactly do they require and what is their order procedure? Mainly I need to know everything I need to place an order and everything they do with the information. Best Regards, Don
  10. Looking for GHB

    Try searching tradekey import and export. You'll find alot of good things.
  11. RHGH, or CJC1295?

    I've been getting 95% pure 191aa HGH from china. It is the generic blue top and not the best quality. I've heard that Jinotrpin are better and serostim are the best. Would it be beter to use CJC1295? It would cause the release of the freshest best GH avaliable. All be back to finish discusion Aloha!!!
  12. If your talking about your pregnant wife's child? I would suggest get rid of all toxins (food preservatives, change shampoo, lotions, antiperspirant-deodorant, anything that might have a SOC or VOC. This includes drinking water switch to LeBlue water. It your thinking more extreme them try sublingual vitamines (methylcobalamine, etc... ) and vitamines such as fish oil. For a step deeper you could use a small dose of cjc1295 or sermorelin. Just how extreme are you and it is even more extreme on the unborn infant. Maybr just subligual vitamines and change diet.
  13. ex roid user

    Ok, I use stanozolol and nandrolone undecanoate or winny and dynabolan with HCG throughout the whole 12 wkcycle. It really didn't do anything but prepare me for HGH, test prop, winny and primo. Anyone that has used stanozolol knows it is winny. I doubt your getting premium quality drugs in India, if so try bromocriptine or cabergoline with Deca cycle but winny is an anti prolactin.
  14. gh water retention

    I would use 1/4-1/2 grain/day thyroid and use GH as long as possiable. I used for 10 months HGH at age 35 and I got 1 inch taller but I was using 10mg/day ( customs seizure papers said 10mg/vial) for a long time and I weened to 6iu/day at finish. From 6'00" before to 6'1" after.
  15. Bactereostatic water

    make your own. Le Blue bottled water (sterile water) and Benzyl alcohol (blingbling) voila Bstat or just sterile water my choice. Besure to sterilize the skin!