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  1. On being a man

  2. On being a man

    I am for modernizing that - So perish any woman who is a Lena Duhnam fan.
  3. The Craft Beer Thrad

    Male on male buggery was rampant in both the Greek and Roman empires before they fell. Kinda proving Par's point.....
  4. The Craft Beer Thrad

    Someone shipped me one of those root beers. The 5.9% ABV ones. I liked it. I can't imagine ever "graduating" to wine. It's OK sometimes...just not my thing. I will be having an Okie beer tonight in honor of Avant rising like a phoenix - Prairie Bomb! http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/30356/94350/ Coffee - check Chocolate - check Vanilla - check Little kick from some peppers - check
  5. The Craft Beer Thrad

    Making my wallet skinnier and my belly fat. I'll post some beer pern later. Also, open to trading, etc.
  6. Big Corporations

    You're becoming a fat, lazy loser who spends a ton of time playing video games when you're not delivering pizzas for mommy and daddy?
  7. Faggot Rehab A residential treatment facility because you called someone a "faggot". I guess I'd better sign up!
  8. http://www.break.com/index/effect_of_drugs...pider_webs.html
  9. Religious Vermin..... in the UK

    Ha! Good show, Chris.
  10. Religious Vermin..... in the UK

    Move over fellas. Another one wants in! Try Everlast. Sorry for interupting. Continue...
  11. Religious Vermin..... in the UK

    Dude, you're interupting a circle jerk/mutual masterbation session. Where's your manners?
  12. This is so '90s

    Color Me Badd
  13. This is so '90s

    This is so '90s New Jack Swing. I loves it! http://www.pistolwimp.com/media/55184/
  14. Friedman Dead