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  1. Loki, Can i PLEASE clear this up. So if I am skinny-fat, not very insulin sensitive and not dieting or bulking how would post w/o nutrition be summoned up? I just train hard and try to eat healthy. I actually have my pre w/o carbs the night before as I train at 4:30am and this is how I operate best but post w/o nutrition has always been confusing to me. Probably a case of too much knowledge is a bad thing as there are many, many different opinions. R
  2. AMP and body comp

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but... I read here (can't find it now) that there were some people not happy with body composition while using AMP. I'm used to training in the mornings, coming home having a shake and shower and then checking out progress in the mirror but since using AMP as my pre w/o stim i'm not looking anywhere close to mirror-worthy right now. I used to feel tight but now I'm actually looking and feeling fatter!!!! I feel great, train great, have tons of energy but am looking like crap and i cannot understand why. I use the search button quite a bit here so I don't post much but any opinions or enlightenment from you guys would be great. Thanks, Richie
  3. 6 OXO

    We, in Australia, are not allowed to have DHEA but we are allowed 7-keto DHEA and also 7-hydroxy DHEA so would stacking 6-oxo with either of these 2 products give similiar results as with regular DHEA? I'm assuming it would but worth an ask from the experts!!
  4. 7alpha-OH versus 7-keto DHEA

    My dumb day is continuing!!! I'm on my 4th day of Horny Goat Weed, which reduces Cortisol levels, and just figured out why my joints are aching. This morning i hurt my wrist picking up a full kettle to pour into my coffee!!!!
  5. 7alpha-OH versus 7-keto DHEA

    Hi Guy's Dragging this thread up from a search on 7-oxo dhea which i'm just waiting for delivery. I'm just a little confused by this post. Sorry if this a stupid question but i read it and read it. Also having a "dumb day" today so that won't be helping trying to figure this out!!! If i'm altering my diet to work well with 7-oxo supplementation then what WOULD the pro/cho/fat ratio be to get the full benefit? Thanks
  6. Sounds like a great stack but since i've been training in the late afternoon i just can't take AMP that late and get a decent night sleep. I do train every Sunday morning so i might try it then. I do love AMP occassionally in the mornings to get me moving though. Makes me very chatty though!!!!! The last few years i've been experimenting with many supps AND combinations of them and decided to just go back to the basics. For me that's ECA pre-w/o (but have decided to swap the E with L-Tyrosine) and Creatine Mono with some Gatorade in the A.M. and post w/o. I'd MAYBE add BCAA's to the post w/o C.M. I'm even giving Whey Protein a break and i've had at least one tub on my kitchen bench for the last 7-8 years!!!! Thanks for the replies. Richie
  7. Bringing this thread back from the archives!! The Tyrosine/Caffeine stack is something i'm going to try. I'm just sick of experimenting with other combos. How long before a workout would i need to take this to get the most benefit? Also i was considering adding Aspirin to this for blood thinning purposes. Worthwhile or not? Richie
  8. That sounds so much like i was when using ephedrine and i was using it for close to 5 years. I read an article on Adrenal Burnout and thought i'd seriously better give my body a break. I just got used to the paranoid/jittery feeling but secretly new it should be attended to............................."But what am i going to do without my Ephedrine???" right!!! I didn't know too much about nootropic supps/drugs and have just started researching them lately. Sounds like you should to. From what i've read they should clear up your brain fog and inability to concentrate. I've just been using Alcar & Caffeine which has worked o.k. but with some advice and use of the search button i'm going to add Piracetam, Choline & L-Tyrosine. These are all safe and side-effect free. Either way i feel much better now and would never consider using Ephedrine again. Good luck. Richie
  9. New to Nootropics

    ooooh goodie, i got some experimenting to do!!!!!! Stay Puft, i'm around 260lb, approx. 15-18% body fat and LOADS of years training experience. What doses would you recommend for the Piracetam? I've read up to 4.8g in divided doses but i'm not sure who that dose is directed at. Also thanks for the tip on L-Tyrosine. I'll add that to my order. uniquenutrition, thanks also for the advice. I'm definately going to look into these. As stated i've just started researching this and find it very interesting. I'm more into the Anti-Aging side of things now and have got Ephedrine out of my system with Caffeine and now want to ease up on Caffeine intake as well so i can be the "nice, big happy fella" again!!! Thanks again.
  10. Hi All, As i'm preparing to back off on the Caffeine a bit to give the CNS and Adrenals a breather i was looking at a Nootropic to replace it with to keep me focused and alert. I have a lot going on in my life ATM so i can't afford to let my guard down for a minute. I use Acetyl-l-Carnitine (approx. 2-3g) every morning and it seems to be working a bit but i was thinking of adding either Oxiracetam or Piracetam (from B.N.) to that to get some extra focus/alertness. I've read good things on both. Any advice on which way to go and when to use it? Or should i add anything else to this? i've heard Choline and Manesium. Currently i'm also using MACA, ALCAR and Fish Oil in the A.M. and TriCreatine, Taurine and Vanadyl pre w/o if that helps. Thanks.
  11. Pre Workout Supps

    thanks Colin, that did shed some light on things for me. the only thing that deters me a bit is the ALCAR. since posting i've done a little more research (had plenty of time due to the lack of sleep) and decided on this formula TriCreatine Malate / CEE / Creatine Mono (i have almost a kilo of each so i'll swap them every week) Citulline Malate L-Arginine and BCAA's on my usual Sunday workout i'll add the ALCAR i have plenty of all these. this sounds pretty good as it covers all bases except the stimulation part. might add Tyrosine at a later date but i'll see how i go before spending any more money. if it works i'll patent it. Richie
  12. Pre Workout Supps

    Hi All, i just been transferred to day shift after working 10 years of afternoon shift. so my training has shifted from first thing in the morning to late afternoon (5:00-6:00 pm) my problem is that my usual pre workout regime of AMP or some other caffeine based cocktail is keeping me from getting to sleep and staying asleep. i've ran a seach and couldn't find much so can anyone suggest a good non-stimulating pre w/o stack so i can finally get some sleep. Richie
  13. thanks for the replies guys. i always have my pre & post shakes but wait about 30-40 minutes sometimes before my post w/o shake as i get a bit bloated & a general uncomfortable feeling if i get it in too quick. i feel MUCH better waiting a bit. that's why i thought this would be a good time for the arg/lysine combo. just wondering others thoughts on this as it has been recommended to me to take it PRE w/o or before bed. i tried the dextrose for a while & just got fat.................and then i got fatter i found whey in either pineapple juice, water & no-fat milk to be best for me. whichever i feel like on the day.
  14. hi All, don't post much here as most questions i have are solved with the SEARCH button but i do visit here often. i was just wondering about the use of an arginine/lysine combination taken immediately after the last set is done? i usually use a caffeine based stimulant pre w/o which i find works very well & i know the arg/lysine must be taken on an empty stomach. soooooooooo, with my stomach being at it's emptiest post w/o then it seems to me it'd be a good time for a gh release supplement. thoughts........... thanks. Richie
  15. Fish Oil Why?

    hi All, i'm an avid fish oil user. i use only 6g a day but thinking about bumping it up to 9 or 10g though since reading through some threads here. my question is, i rotate my proteins often & have a "fish day" (usually fresh salmon & tinned tuna) so would it be overkill having fish oil or cod liver oil on these days? thanks