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  1. Methoxy TST

    As far as TRN goes, it was an orally active Trenbelone analog. Quite a few threads on it over at AM. I will see if I can find the original ALRI write up....
  2. Methoxy TST

    It was the second half of ALRI's methoxy trenbelone stack (TRN was released...this was not). Many liked TRN, which is why Generic Labz was able to sell out of the product to retailers and retailers sold out of the product in presales before the product was even shipped to them. I would say that warrants some attention in terms of figuring out exactly what this product is and how it differs from the TRN
  3. Methoxy TST

    I am looking into getting more information on this one for everyone...
  4. Methoxy TST

    interesting....I did not know ALR had finished the adjunct to TRN. Here is the compound:17b-Methoxy-Methoxy Trienosterone: 2mg per cap
  5. Spring Break at the beach.

    stellar advice.... I would drop the glutamine as well. If you are a NO product responder, then you could take a product of that nature to bring out some vascularity. Stay hydrated (as much as possible). A good rule of thumb is to put back a glass of water with every drink. It seldom comes to fruition though....
  6. Is this stack going to knock me on my ass?

    I do not think I would be able to handle that stack. TTA makes me moody as hell about a week in for some odd reason. I have never had issues with sesamin though. As of late, I have been taking ALRI venom special tactics as sort of a TTA replacement, and the positive effects and lack of negative effects both seem more pronounced....
  7. how much caffeine at one time?

    Like Josh said, a tolerance can develop rather quickly. I would not go above 300 mg personally.
  8. Universal Kits P-gh

    I know one would need to inject or get the transdermal version. Some people claim to like it, while others said they saw jack shit.....I would like to see some more trusted members give it a go
  9. Speeding recovery from gynecomastia surgery

    This is the 2nd girl that I have been with along the process. They are scary looking at first. Cleavage is minimal as swelling in btwn and outside is so pronounced. THey look better day by day though. It helps that she sports a 6 pack year round as well, along with rounded out delt caps and chissled arms (I am starting to brag :-)
  10. Muscletech Anator

    That it is not bud. They were very clear to dub it post workout ONLY.... :-) It actually looks like a descent product for that purpose. My objection is the dextrose. After trying vitargo PWO, I will never use another carb source again
  11. Muscletech Anator

    Caleb, as far as the ingreds, PhenylGene tm 7.2g LeuciGene tm 7.2 g GeneTOR 5g Not sure I can say what makes these up yet. When I get confirmation and/or have product, I will let ya know.
  12. Muscletech Anator

    Well, the MTech reps came in today and gave a presentation on prods, including their latest, anator. After looking at the profile, it does appear to be a much better post workout than their pride and joy cell tech (creatine and koolaid). They are claiming it to be a "hardcore" product that will raise insulin levels so much that they feel it necessary to put a warning not to drive after until consuming a meal with the insulin spike it creates...I guess we will see...hopefully this will at least result in the demise of cell tech.
  13. Another Homebrew Cell Volumizer

    What form/source of FOS are you using?
  14. Speeding recovery from gynecomastia surgery

    I will be purchasing some proteolytic enzymes to help speed the recovery for my gf's breast augmentation. I saw the rec earlier in this thread, so will look into those as well as basic wob....
  15. Chaste Berry aka vitex

    Seems as though the feedback on vitex has sort of been a mixed bag of sorts. Some claim more harm than good from it. I have been looking into it to offset prolactin issues with tren/deca.