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  1. Are you fucking kidding me? What overt pimp rubbish.
  2. SesaThin Questions

    To be brief, I'll highlight the best of the best for your convenience. Split the CLA evenly and consume with the Fish Oil, during meals 3x daily. Similarly, dose the SesaThin 3x daily. If you are eating six times daily, you'll want to get the SesaThin into you with meal containing >10g of fat, preferably saturated. That said, I have read literature recently which illustrated the maintenance of the synergism b/w Fish Oil and SesaThin even when consumed at the same time. Thus, it is up to you whether you want to follow the conventional wisdom (which calls for splitting Fish Oil and SesaThin apart) or smash them both. Avoid SesaThin/Fish Oil in the weight/resistance training window. Do the opposite for cardiovascular activity. [if pure fat loss is the goal, ignore the first statement and dose pre-workout, but be cautioned that it may reduce the inflammatory response and thus the hypertrophic potential of your workout.] Just holler if I left anything out. Later, Derek.
  3. Better for fat loss

    bumping this because I dont wanna lose that pic.
  4. Fox news: fair and balanced, or right wing biased?

    A year and half later how about some thought on the discourse herein?
  5. Big Red from bodybuilding.com arrested

    What ever happened to Big Red and his legal trouble?
  6. SesaThin Questions

    Individual variation is high so I'd recommend playing around and establishing an effective dose window. As an endo, I would recommend not being shy with the dose.
  7. Phenogen Questions

    As is the GTE content should be sufficient to yield great results. GTE is relatively cheap so there isn't much reason to skimp on it from our perspective.
  8. SesaThin Questions

    lethal - How were the sides at normal dosing? Is the fatloss increase worth the extra sides from increased dosing? With SesaThin you have to take the good with the bad, hopefully your cutting like mad.
  9. How did you find the effectiveness of this product? Edit: NM - I found your review on BN.
  10. Benadryl and Clen

    Found this. AR spews out some contradictory garbage, but Dr, Gonzo has some posts worth reading on the topic.