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  1. Are you fucking kidding me? What overt pimp rubbish.
  2. That is a normal phenomena. Most remain shirtless for at least 10-15mins following an application to the torso; a protocol that wholly endorse.
  3. I'd suggest taking the desired amount of clen in tab form and crushing it up, then toss her into the Lipoderm and shake like hell. Be sure to sake well prior to all applications and I don't suspect the fillers with hinder your fat loss, as Par alluded to. I think any other route creates unnecessary complication, unless you've got the lab tools readily accessible.
  4. SesaThin Questions

    To be brief, I'll highlight the best of the best for your convenience. Split the CLA evenly and consume with the Fish Oil, during meals 3x daily. Similarly, dose the SesaThin 3x daily. If you are eating six times daily, you'll want to get the SesaThin into you with meal containing >10g of fat, preferably saturated. That said, I have read literature recently which illustrated the maintenance of the synergism b/w Fish Oil and SesaThin even when consumed at the same time. Thus, it is up to you whether you want to follow the conventional wisdom (which calls for splitting Fish Oil and SesaThin apart) or smash them both. Avoid SesaThin/Fish Oil in the weight/resistance training window. Do the opposite for cardiovascular activity. [if pure fat loss is the goal, ignore the first statement and dose pre-workout, but be cautioned that it may reduce the inflammatory response and thus the hypertrophic potential of your workout.] Just holler if I left anything out. Later, Derek.
  5. Lipoderm Ultra Tip

    Check out the articles at mindandmuscle.net. Some great articles include: Clean Cardio by Marc Lobliner (possible spelling error). Sprinting by Loki aka Chris Clancey
  6. synthesize

    Given your dose, I think the results are largely from a improved diet. I think you should at least take one scoop daily with your biggest meal, if you are content with the unusually low dosing. HEAT is non-stim my friend. At your bodyweight, 3 caps on an empty stomach should produce some great improvements in mood and energy levels, as well as enhance your fat burning machinery.
  7. Lipoderm Ultra Tip

    Depending on your preffered variety of fat burner I'm inclined to recommend the HEAT/AMP stack. Kills appetite, boosts mood and enhances your fat loss. In addition to the helpful tips VC provided, shave the area to eliminate losing product in the hair (that may or may not exist). A few notes regarding the application procedure: be sure to apply to dry, CLEAN skin (after a shower, or following a thorough scrubbing with a washcloth or the like). Get your diet in order and your man boobs will soon be chiseled pecs. Best of luck, keep us posted on the trial.
  8. synthesize

    First off, I am glad that you are getting good results whilst dosing so infrequently. At your current dose, I see no reason for an OFF period, and the same goes if you were consuming the recommended dosage. That said, we aren't the type to recommend more than necessary when it comes to our products. In fact, we carefully formulate all of our supps, and design dosing benchmarks in accordance to what we feel -- based on the literature and anecdotal feedback -- will produce the best results for the widest range of athletes. Under these considerations in which variability will undoubtedly arise, I still feel that your dose is MUCH TOO low. 2 scoops a week? Did you mean daily?
  9. Cheer up, homie. Pick up some some CLA and get ripped!!
  10. more updates please

    Check out the blog section of our mySpace page for most of our recent announcements and changes. Feel free to drop one of us a line for any further questions, or post back here. Cheers!
  11. Phenogen Question

    As Colin mentioned, it has been discontinued, and through an agreement has been modified and marketed by associates of ours from Recomp Performance Nutrition. A google search will yield their product line-up and it won't be tough to spot the product in question.
  12. As a non-stimulating product, HEAT was indeed formulated to ensure the mood boosting properties were/are prominent and noticeable .
  13. What's the best legal supplement?

    Nothing personal here Colin, as Havoc is up there on my list. BUT... I think there is alot of hype around this, and we'll have a whole other group of feedback emerging over the next few months once more people try it.
  14. PPAR-gamma

    I think liorrh may have meant that.... for long term dosage, such as in the insulin-resistant obese, agonism is beneficial. In contrast, athletes benefit most from short term antagonism. Although, I'm sure that will be corrected otherwise.