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  1. Caleb

    Did I miss the great noontide? Where the F' is everybody?
  2. maybe American Apparel?
  3. Insulin spikes are anabolic certainly, but when you are dieting you are inherently in a catabolic state, so I fail to see the rationale behind the "muscle preservation" argument when you are net negative in terms of nitrogen retention period. More importantly, when you are skinny-fat, your body quite simply is not very insulin sensitive, and is not great at partitioning highly-insulemic carbs around whatsoever, nor is it very adept at getting to a state where it relies heavily on FFAs. You do not need "high glycemic" carbs because you are dieting and doubtfully aren't going to be exercising enough to the point where glycogen resynthesis is going to make a difference; a gram of carbohydrate is a gram of carbohydrate ultimately. It makes more sense to target your carbs prior to your workout (for additional energy and a better anti-catabolic milieu while lifting) and keep ALL carbs low glycemic to heighten insulin sensitivity and get your dieting body losing fat as effectively as it can. If you're cutting, shit-simple, you are trying to lose fat; so stop trying to have your cake and eat it too and concentrate on the fat-loss component. You can always clean/cyclical-bulk your weight back up.
  4. Does your natural phenotype tend towards lean/muscular? or are you naturally more skinny-fat or chunky-thick?
  5. Pre-workout nutrition is as essential as proper post-workout conditions, perhaps more so in some regards. Your core takeaways should be this: 1. Strength train on as full a stomach as you can tolerate. Your body shunts extra blood to your stomach to digest, which in turn can be redirected toward exercising muscles (along with nutrients) in an elevatedly anabolic environment. 2. GIs are irrelevant from a performance standpoint if you're a lifter and not a performance athlete. They are relevant for gains &/or body composition depending on your phenotype & body composition goals.
  6. Big Corporations

    As long as they're all hunky bros I'm not sure I see a negative here...
  7. Big Corporations

    Sadly, their hegemony is looking more and more like the Ye Olde Empire sort. Clidesdales don't grow market share like these Menuedo dandies and their designer spirits reppin it real vague at a club near you. Guinness of Ghana on the other hand, now when they claim "Guinness, Strong" they really mean that shit...
  8. Big Corporations

    "Farcisissist" = BTLI* : ) *L = lisping
  9. Phenogen Question

    DC- first off I depart from the stance of my colleague when I say I commend you for doing your due diligence on something you're putting in your body. Part of me feels as though this might qualify for a "consult your md prior to use" but I have a sense your md would give you a wild ass look on something called phenogen unless you launched into an in depth scientific breakdown. That said, from a holistic perspective, the fact alone that danshen owes its origins to traditional chinese medicine (a la green and oolong tea) leads me to believe that it is quite benign on a broad scale. I would not ignore these potential contraindications, but also notice that for an overweight individual these are all largely beneficial effects. Also remember things like fish oil when taken regularly can also diminish clotting. Again, if you are taking any perscription medication or consuming a significant quantity/variety of supplements (or--and especially--drugs), you want to look good and hard at any potential homeostatic dissonance that could arise. One should always exercise care. There certainly has been no feedback indicating any of these problems/symptoms have come as a result of phenogen use, but it still makes sense to do background research and pay attention to your body and your intuition.
  10. I'd be surprised if SSRIs affect test to a significant degree. Most of the libido side-effects from SSRIs are not linked to testosterone. "The effects of SSRIs on sexual functioning seem strongly dose-related and may vary among the group according to serotonin and dopamine reuptake mechanisms, induction of prolactin release, anticholinergic effects, inhibition of nitric oxide synthetase, and propensity for accumulation over time." source: Effects of SSRIs on sexual function: a critical review by Rosen RC, Lane RM, Menza M, Department of Psychiatry, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway 08854, USA. J Clin Psychopharmacol 1999 Feb; 19(1):67-85
  11. Not to play white-devil's advocate, but has anyone ever taken the time to make sure somebody adjusted for rappers and pro athletes?
  12. what SSRI? effexor? paxil? lexapro? I know paxil is a weight-gain culprit. usually curtails thyroid. You could also explore using Wellbutrin instead of an SSRI, which ideally would give you the best of both worlds (anti-depressant plus pro-anorexic/lipolytic), assuming its suitable from a health/tolerability/usage standpoint.
  13. Everything the "H" "E" "A" & "T" were all designed to by synergistic. hordenine is an inhibitor of NE uptake, so similar to tyramine in this regard. Hordenine is also a selective MAO-B inhibitor, rendering it capable of preferentially increasing dopamine (the good vibrations neurochemical). The fact that it inhibits MAO-B also gives lasting sustainability to things like phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA, a naturally occurring neuro-stimulant similar in many ways to amphetamine, is normally rapidly metabolized by MAO-B, so hordenine prevents this.
  14. PPAR-gamma

    Everything in the body is a two-way street, if not a full-on multi-lane intersection. Once you get the conditions generally right in terms of nutrient partitioning, signal transduction, etc., PPAR alpha or gamma modulation ends up being a double-edged sword. I mean, just look at the chart you posted, you have lipolytic and lipogenic and catabolic & anti-catabolic things all being upregulated by agonism, and vice versa. In general though I'm inclined to agree with liorrh's synopsis.
  15. The "Purpose" of Life

    Right, but the real deterioration didn't set on until he was in his 30s, and he was full-blown suicidal and misanthropic by then, and yet was still in passable enough health to write prolifically. Health & happiness seem far more parallax than parallel for our boy Friedrich. I would argue he psychologically unraveled far before the actual neurobiology was really coming apart. That is my interpretation, although you may be more versed in the biographical bits and pieces of his life than I...