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  1. I'm trying to get back into shape after about a year off from training and eating right. I have accumulated quite a bit of flab during my off time. If you can only pick one fat loss product, what would it be? I'm already covering the "essentials", like a multivitamin, fish oils, protein, and a good pre/post workout supplement- I only have room left in the budget for one "discretionary" fat loss product- what is my best bet? Between Phenogen, Leptigen, HEAT, Sesathin (which I've used before and I liked), I'm a bit confused as to what the best option is for my current situation. Thanks
  2. My Sesathin Intake ? for the Avant folks

    Cool. Thanks for the quick reply. Not to nitpick, but if I'm also taking fish oil with the Sesathin, would the fat in those caps count towards the 10 grams, or is that on top of the fish oil fat? Thanks again.
  3. My Sesathin Intake ? for the Avant folks

    2 quick add-on questions- 1. I haven't been taking fish oil since I started Sesathin- sounds like I need to be doing so. Should the dosing timing be the same as Sesathin (i.e. after my non-workout meals, take the sesathin and fish oil?) 2. I haven't been around the forum for a while- I'm not sure if this is a faulty memory or not, but I thought I recalled some anecdotal evidence that the sesathin oil was yielding better results than the caps. Did I make this up, or was this the case, and if so, has it been addressed? It would be nice to just pack a handful of both caps to take with me, instead of my little oil bottle and syringe. Thanks in advance for your help
  4. It is definitely more of a breaking of the diet- I'll cut back to a half dose and see how that goes...
  5. Bumping this sucker back up for one last basic Sesathin question I can't find through the search- I'm planning a refeed this weekend- will Sesathin interfere with the beneficial leptin response? In other words, while the Sesathin minimizes the "damage" from a refeed, will that blunt the leptin response I'm looking for? Thanks
  6. Loki, Thanks for your response. One last question- is SesaThin something I should cycle, on a month, off a month, or is the effect not subject to developing a tolerance level? Thanks
  7. I'm in cutting mode right now, and am adding Sesathin into my regimen. I work out in the mornings, and I'm trying to figure out when to take my morning dose of Sesathin- with my post-workout shake, or with my oatmeal/protein solid food meal I have an hour or two later? Which would be more beneficial to maximum fatloss/muscle preservation? Thanks