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  1. What happened to everyone? 3+ years later?

    Glad to see this forum back online. It also reminds me just how fast time flies...
  2. Well said ! Buproprion in humans increases norepinephrine, not dopamine though--Dr. Marianco from MESO, has said that in rats it increases both DA & Norepi. but in humans only Norpei. is increased. He said that it is beneficial in some, but is really dose dependent.........too much and you trigger the fight or flight sequence, which leads to increased ACTH etc.... However he also said that it's a clean antidepressant, in that it doesn't have many action modes.
  3. I'd like to know whether fish oil can increase brain serotonin and dopamine. If it does, then is it known how it does so ? Or maybe it's more a matter of signal transmission in the brain. Even if fish oil simply helps in the transmission (which isn't something to disregard), it is known how this takes place ? I find it is interesting to know how substances exert their effects.
  4. Female libido enhancers + dose

    Oh by the way, my gf too likes make-up sex........she told me many times that after a god argument, she gets turned on.............go figure !
  5. Female libido enhancers + dose

    I've tried many things over the years to increase the sex drive of my lady, and recently tribulus stand alone works dang well--I'm stunned. Even DHEA doesn't do that to her. She gets aggressive on tribulus. I gave her 750 mg pills 1-2 times/day, and never told her what it was she was taking, and she didn't even asked me, and later on that day, she was more impatient, and felt like having sex, and usually, I have to start the whole thing, while yesterday she did...........I was at the computer, she walks up to me and siad : How about we spend some time in the bedroom now !!
  6. Vitamin C and sex drive

    thanks for your reply nightop. I've found this earlier : http://www.moodfoods.com/ascorbicacid.html
  7. Does anyone know how Vitamin C increases sex drive ? What's the mechanism(s) at work ?
  8. I second the mother of god from the first poster !
  9. Any life after our biological death ?

    I meants *replies* not reply.
  10. Any life after our biological death ?

    Thanks all for answering this thread--I was away and just got back, finding much discussion, although at some point it sorta skidded in another direction lol it's alright it's cool to have a good laugh at times--life's short, so better make the most of it ! For those over 30, you know what I mean On the main subject of this thread, well, what can I say, there are many ideologies regarding that topic--I started this thread to find out what most of you thought about it, but it's clear we won't have the truth until we bite the dust ourselves. I really don't know where to stand on this issue, at times i believe we're solely biological entities, and at others (for some reason) I'm hopeful and think that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, there's something else, and that what we do on this earth serves a purpose...but I'm far from affirming this though. A movie that I liked that slightly touched on the subject of humanity (god and evil, although I'm not a religious individual) was : Devil's advocate with Al Pacino, that was years ago, but still I liked his character in it, especially at the end of the movie where it became clear that he was the devil. Now don't get me wrong, I sure DON'T believe in the devil !!! I simply liked the movie, that's all. I don't want to have anything to do with religions of any kind. I prefer to be a free thinker. Again, thanks for your reply.
  11. Here's the thing. I've always been a deep thinking kind of guy. My father died a tad more than a year ago, and he strongly believed there was some form of continuation of life after our body dies. However since then, no sign of life from him so to speak. I more and more think that we're simply biological entities. This is a subject that sooner or later affects most everyone. Of course there are those who never want to discuss this for some reason. some fear this reality that we someday ceases to exist, while some don't see the point in discussing this. I'm one of those who likes to keep searching about this, although I may never find actual answers to my questions, till the day I bite the dust. Have any on here experienced weird phenomena with regards to the passing of someone dear to them ?
  12. Congrats on the new look of the forums

    I admit the red writing on the black background was kind of cool, however it reads much easier this way. I'm somewhat stunned to see that some prefered the old layout.
  13. Mitral Valve Regurgitation

    I thought I'd chip in on this regurgitation thing. When I met with Dr. Eric Braverman last October, I had both ECG and EKG, and a stress test. Conclusion : they wrote this in my record : *traces tricuspic regurgitation*. I've asked and showed this to local doctors, and have even called back Braverman to inquire about this, and they all told me it was nothing to worry about, and that a LOT of people have this, mostly through genetics. However like they said, should there there be any prob in the future, they'd know where it is from--by problem here, I mean a worsening of the regurgitation. They also mentioned in my record, that the regugitation might be caused by my anxiety. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Congrats on the new look of the forums

    Yep, the grey backgroud makes it all so much easier to read !!!
  15. Just wanted to let those responsible for those newly made change to the forums, that this is excellent ! All in all this place is great.