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  1. I'm King of The Hill

    I outlived all of you fucks, BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  2. LMFAO Jazz is far more structured than you've been led to believe. Yeah sure, if you're use to listening to four on the floor and 4 chord progressions, jazz in comparison sounds wild and uneven. If you want to hear structure, just listen to any jazz standard and find all the 2-5-1 chord progressions, gasp there all over the place!. Hell the basic structure of most old school jazz is the same, an intro, a verse, a chorus, a verse with some scat, chorus end. PBS ran a show just last night on Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington, watch it and you'll see how the roots of jazz are firmly planted in the discipline of classical music. Abomination or ignorance?
  3. This is fantastic study illustrating clear scientific deductive logic. Don't you have to first prove a variable is a "shame" before comparing it to other variables?
  4. Needing Time

    I hope this spurs on the typical avantian debate of women, loneliness and drugs! Here's a tip from the resident asshole, shut the fuck up and piss off.
  5. Fuck You Avant

    [insert fuck you here]
  6. Cyber-Stalkers from other Bulletin Boards..........

    This thread gets gayer with every board.
  7. Small Scale Biodiesel Plant

    I never said ethanol was good though, lol.
  8. Small Scale Biodiesel Plant

    Maybe I'm not clear enough, what I'm trying to say is that due to the current status of biodiesel (or biofuel in general), it is relatively cheap, but as demand increases there's no physical way you can get the base oil quickly and cheap enough with our current infrastructure to supply mass volume. One of the divisions of the company I'm involved with operates a handful of gas stations, ONE of which can easily sell 20-30'000 L per day. There is talk in my province of switching to a SMALL ethanol blend in all gasoline. Even with this small blend (less than 5 percent) we currently can't GET enough ethanol to keep up with the demand province wide. Granted I'm off topic on this thread since this is all about small scale use. I'm just pointing out that the more popular it becomes the quicker our EASY sources of oil get used up.
  9. Small Scale Biodiesel Plant

    Biodiesel and straight oil is only cheap if you can get the waste oil cheap (or free). It's actually quite expensive if you don't have a consistent source of waste oil (one of the main reasons why it won't take off in the mass market).

    It could be any number of skin diseases. Skin Lesions are common to ALOT of conditions.
  11. See you later guys

    PA is tall, french, and loves his cocaine?
  12. See you later guys

    PA is tall, french, and loves his cocaine?
  13. A little iffy on your Jazz history?