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  1. I wish I wasn't out of gold Hegel star-stickers.
  2. LOL this thread is great.
  3. 12 MG !!!! that is wayy too much. 3 MG is too much.
  4. Needing Time

    I hate this time of year.
  5. Yes, but by yes I mean no.
  6. I prefer the voices inside my head.
  7. I never understood the appeal of Jazz, even when drunk.
  8. Libertarianism is Stupid

    That's a false positive. You can't make the reference for its own sake. This thread is ruined.
  9. 12 GRAMS? That is a ALOT. I think that if 2 grams doesn't do anything, you need to stop use for at least a week.
  10. Less sleep with ALCAR + l-theanine

    Taurine's effect on brain-wave pattern, associated with its calming but not overly sedating effect, coupled with my personal experience, is the basis for the recommendation. Regarding ZMA, I used to like it alot, but I have issues with chronic use. Further, it typically makes it harder to wake up in the morning. Melatonin should only be used at low doses (much less than 3mg) when one is trying to re-set his sleep-wake cycle/rhythm, or if one just has to get to sleep (like if at a hotel the night before a presentation or something). Aspirin, nothing significant comes to mind. Try a literature search. If you combine all three, Ted Nugent will appear and grant you three wishes.
  11. Less sleep with ALCAR + l-theanine

    I think toying with the addition of l-taurine is also something to consider WRT this stack.
  12. Also, For any skin care experts out there, are there any potential problems/issues with using Retin-A (or any Retinol related product) chronically while young? I started using an anti-aging facial cream but I fear that there might be problems later on in life if I continue indefinitely. Namely, if you are increasing skin turnover and collagen (which is what Retin-A does), can the body keep that up forever?
  13. UPDATE: I reiterate my position on power cleans. I picked up some Kyolic Garlic (original formula 100) and starting taking 2 caps (600mg extract) twice per day with food. Nothing to report yet.
  14. The perfect solution! = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_6wBubwXBM