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  1. Changing your setpoint

    those were all done recently. good for elzi
  2. those were all done recently. good for elzi
  3. A bit of fun

    thanks, I loved it
  4. Polygamy

    its not legal in my jewish theocracy. I'm not talking about "nocking 12 hos" but about living and having kids and what not with more than one woman. actually from wikipedia they seem to inforce antyploigamy acts in the USA. (and anti adultry? WTF)
  5. Vitamin A Acute Toxicity

    who told you its all being absorbed.
  6. Polygamy

    don't you have the first amandment or something?
  7. Polygamy

    I put in under politics not ethics because I consider it to be a policitcal issue. how come the US, "land of the free", does not allow anyone to construct their homes and clans as they please?
  8. PPAR-gamma

    short term antagonise, long term agonise, or even better do it locally. its all about the phenotype
  9. practical scientist

    coach hale was this t-mag
  10. Judging the person

    Not Found The requested URL '/PS_cache/adap-org/pdf/9808/9808003.pdf' was not found on this server.
  11. are they all like this?

    auditory ;-) sorry
  12. are they all like this?

    good comeback to the british. stupidty and prutnetiousness are not exclusive to americans