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  1. Cardio for MMA fight

    Do 20 burpees at fastest pace, followed by 1min of sprints, drop do another 20 burpees, and repeat. J
  2. The masses wont be interested, except for fat people getting tested so they can proudly state that they fat is due to their genes, as they scoff their doughnuts. Hypochondriacs and Health Function Enthusiasts will get lots of tests, a lot of which are not needed, but not harmful. Privacy of genetic information is a big problem in general IMHO. Ideally one should be able to get screened anonymously. J
  3. What are the mechanics behind trans fats particular effect on VAT? J
  4. velikimajmun & Ras - What are the problems that you see with this? J
  5. Sources of Berberine include the Chinese herb Huanglian, and goldenseal J
  6. If we are getting gene targets, then OGG may be a nice one dt its involvement in general DNA repair. J
  7. Evidence

    Can anyone recomend any texts discussing the epistemic problems of observation and analysis by a single agent - eg medical self diagnosis, bias, etc. J
  8. Would it be possible to implant osmotic pumps in oneself, for the steady release of antioxidents, for the purpose of reducing the probability of ROS induced DNA damage. It would improve compliance relative to diet no? A better option would be some sort of pump, where the pump output would be related to the ROS levels, increasing when exercising etc. Apart from the possible funkyness of having brightly coloured pumps under the skin, glowing when one is clubbing, any thoughts as to the utility of this? J
  9. His comments were most funny, especially considering his position. J
  10. What the devil is this stuff? J
  11. Hey logos - What is your diet like? J
  12. I am not sure if this pans out this way, as estrogen itself plays with the cell cycle. J
  13. Rosemary constituents( caffeic acid, carnosol, ursolic acid and chums ) for: skin B(a)P damage in human bronchial cells (Via Phase I II modulation) Phase II promotion (GST & QR) in stomach and liver (mice) [9198114] Mammary J
  14. Does anyone know the mechanism through which Saw Palmetto is supposed to inhibit BPH? BTW There also seems to be a few trials showing saw palmetto's inefficacy wrt BPH [PMID: 16467543 ] Any thoughts? Another study (shown below) mentions a defined pollen extract called 'Cernitin' as a possible intervention for androgen induced BPH. Has anyone come accross this before? Any idea as to the mechanism? J
  15. Heads up chaps -

    Steppen - Have you checked out the Vit E + Lycopene/tomatoe combo for prostate cancer (in the Cancer thread). Do you know if it is androgen dependent or not? Has he been put on antiandrogens/avodart/etc? As Ben says, it can take the fun out of things and undermine a man's confidence, so being psychologically supportive post radiotherapy is good. From what I gather, you can do a fair bit to enhance the effectiveness and specificity of the radiation treatment - protecting the non-cancerous cells, and slowing down the growth of the cancer. I agree ben - it is not one I would want, but there have been some good improvements in treatment combos, and a recent study showed that there was not a significant increase of colon cancer from prostate radiotherapy. J