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  1. Can any of you assholes post?

    If this shows up the answer is yes.
  2. Everything mobility

    Let's talk mobility. I've been doing Joe Defranco's Limber 11 (sequel to agile 8) link below. I usually make 0 time for mobility, so I'm trying to be better. I have noticed I'm getting much better at the exercises in terms of range of motion. Any exercises you guys do that could fill in some holes in my mobility work. How often is everyone doing it? I'm looking for something I can do that won't take a lot of time because it's hard to get motivated to do these foo-foo exercises anyways. FWIW I haven't static stretched in about 5 years. Defranco's Limber 11 Of course Dan John says foam rolling is for wimps. http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/foam_rollers_are_for_wimps&cr=
  3. Picking up right where everyone left off!
  4. Skinny fat. If you wouldn't mind can you tell me the differences in why this matters? I thought "everyone" needed high GI carbs because we wanted a huge insulin spike, but now I'm not so sure. This following quote from the Replenish FAQ (I know it's not Avant, I'm sorry but I don't want to plagarize). "While some may prefer purely fast-acting carbohydrates, the carbohydrate source in Replenish™ is a fast/slow blend due to the manner in which carbohydrates physiologically enter the cell. This process, termed active transport, actually limits the number of glucose molecules that can enter the cell at any one time and as such, makes any attempt to “saturate” the cell in an all-or-none manner illogical as much of the glucose will be oxidized rather than stored. A better solution is to provide fast-digesting carbohydrates like maltodextrin to activate the receptor sites rapidly, while oat fiber provides the backup for further uptake later in the recovery period." So I've always thought we didn't want anything to interfere with the quick acting carbs but this suggessts otherwise?
  5. Thanks! If one was on a low carb diet and was trying to "time" his carbs right would I want fast or slower carbs if the goal is fat loss?
  6. Ok this is really old and I'm bumping it up. Research I've been reading suggests that post-workout high GI carbs aren't as neccessary as previously thought. What is the prevailing theory nowdays? A mix of slow and fast carbs? Is dextrose/fast acting carbs that important postworkout?
  7. What's the news? SyntheSIZE

    Will SyntheSIZE be a good product to use if we are trying to "recomp" or lose fat mass/gain lean muscle? Or should it be saved for the purely "bulking" sessions?
  8. AB-solved

    Your options are creating it, or something similar which is not nearly as hard as it sounds, or searching supplement sites which still seem to have it. I even saw FL7 for sale on one site the other day and how long ago was it that it was called that?
  9. Our Merger with Biotest

    Thank god. Now Avant can release a product without so much damn science behind it. The lack of bold words/colors has really been dragging their sales down. Consumers never want to know WHY it works just that it does. So tell them...then release an "article" telling them. Then have your authors tell them. I wish someone could have seen the thread on there when Biotest released "creatine." Like 15 people said "what a price for Biotest quality." I think Biotest could market a dog turd and sell the hell out of it!
  10. M&M Forum

    Way to stick it to the man! I won't use any of the great supp companies products because I have a personal vendetta against a mod there. Tool
  11. online poker

    I've been playing online poker for over a year. While the concerns are out there if you spend a considerable amount of time playing you will realize they are pointless. The big sites make ridicolous amounts of money, way way way too much to risk having "rigged" decks. In fact, I've seen sites where people have looked at online sites and tracked millions of hands to prove that they are not rigged. It's just not something the sites want to deal with as they make so much off the rake anyways they wouldn't take the risk of someone finding out they are rigged. You are seeing more bad beats because your playing a ton more hands and you also only remember the bad beats. When I play online I'm seeing close to 1000 hands an hour (multi-tabling) as compared to about 25-45 in the casino. Online poker usually has a lower rake, and offers bonuses which basically pay you to play. I've made very good amounts of cash at numerous sites. If you are really concerned online poker is rigged just pick up pokertracker and log a bunch of hands and you will see that it is not. In fact, I've "proved" to many people that online poker is not rigged off numerous sites by looking at very large hand histories. As I've said, the poker sites are making a KILLING and they are not going to compromise this by trying to get more. Some of my worst beats ever have taken place in a casino, but I've also had my fair share online. Hell just watch a TV poker tournament and see the bad beats. All you can do is get the money in with a statistical advantage and hope for the best. Over time you will make money this way. Poker is a game of skill with luck involved. Luck can provide big short term wins for certain people, but only skill will make you a consistent winner. As for bots, yes their are bots out there, but they are mainly in the limit levels (where math is more important). I don't think any NL bots are really out there as it is much more difficult to program a bot for NL. I'm not positive but I'm not sure I've ever encountered a bot online. Also online games are looking for collusion (people helping other people) and are quick to ban the people that partake in this. If you really want proof it's rigged though here you go: http://www.billrini.com/archives/001169.html
  12. MAN Vaporize

    Shit Par, you just made me laugh out loud in a college library
  13. Fruits and Veggies -Worth the hassle?

    I just plain don't like the taste of most vegetables, I'm a very picky eater. I've been supplementing with Greens +, and of course multivitamins. While I don't "never eat" veggies, I don't eat them that often and the variety is poor (mainly green beans and mushrooms). Do you think my approach is ok guys?
  14. Vitaplus.net prices SUCK

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems as if Vitaplus is very competitive on supplements I browsed. Also I've dealt through them in the past and would have nothing but praise for Eddie in response time and shipping. Classy guy, classy place to get supps from.
  15. Vote to name Omega's Thermogenic

    I went with Inciner8, the others (aside from flashpoint maybe) don't really say "Fat Loss Product" to me, even though they are interesting names.