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  1. M&M Forums

    Very understandable. And I doubt you are alone in that : e.g. I typed "IPS Driver Error" into Google, and it returned 1,560,000 pages, the vast majority of which seems to be database/forums related. A maybe over-simplistic analogy, but sometimes computer technology reminds me of an amazing house of cards, millions of cards, but if one of those cards starts wobbling, then the cards above are in trouble. The lower down the card, the bigger the trouble above. (And this potential for problems is exacerbated by the fact that no one single person created the entire house of cards, but hundreds of thousands of different people created it.) >
  2. M&M Forums

    Nor here. Firefox or Safari (on Macintosh) I wonder what an "IPS Driver Error" is ? Could be just one wobbly line of computer code amongst hundred of thousands, I suppose. Any web database programmers in da house.......?
  3. Call someone a faggot and go into "rehab"

    It's not so much thoughts that matter, but acting decisively on those thoughts.
  4. Call someone a faggot and go into "rehab"

    A flaming lake of fire awaits you, responder, also sprinkles, also steppen_wolf, also frangible, also par deus. And that is a real fact, and no amount of gay health supplements will save any of you, and that is also a fact. >
  5. Call someone a faggot and go into "rehab"

    Twinkles, you maggot, you should be in rehab with Pastor Ted Haggard. ;-)
  6. Call someone a faggot and go into "rehab"

    Damn, and this thread seemed so promising....... ! >
  7. Call someone a faggot and go into "rehab"

    Also, if the term "faggot" was anything like the "n" word, then Quentin Tarantino would have probably used it continuously in most of his movies......
  8. M&M Forums

  9. M&M Forums

    You should get in there Jeff, and show them how it's done. Time to show off your web-programming skills. Your bulletin board needs you. Now. ;-)
  10. M&M Forums

    This is exactly the same for me again. >
  11. Phenylpiracetam

    Interesting. (I'd make a wild guess that) Phenylpiracetam might stack very nicely with Centrophenoxine. >
  12. Phenylpiracetam

    I wonder what would happen if, say, you took it just once every 3 days. >
  13. M&M Forums

    Yes! I have 2 different browsers open right now (Firefox & Safari), one of which I am using to surf Avant, the other to surf M&M. HTH. Hypno. >
  14. Phenylpiracetam

    That would be interesting to read, thanks. >