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  1. Hey so what’s going on guys? What’s the latest news on items for this sub forum?
  2. Methoxy TST

    Good reasoning but I am not too sure if it is accurate. The methoxy addition to trienolone creats different properties then the addition of the methyl group to trienolone. As such the if the same were applied to trienosterone it would not necessarily produce the same effects as a methyl-trienosterone. With that said, ALRI has commented in the past that M-TST has properties similar (in subjective effects) to testosterone but I have not seen any quote stating that M-TST actually has structural similarities to testosterone. Mr.50
  3. Pure OTC stack for Phera Plex PCT

    I agree. My problem is I can never seem to find HCG.
  4. Pure OTC stack for Phera Plex PCT

    I agree bro. I would run it after every cycle. The big problem for me is I can never seem to find it.
  5. I haven't looked at it yet but it is Braverman's test I hope it does get stolen as it is a good test but he is the most arrogant asshole I have ever met. Plus at least in my experience he may have insight into what is wrong with you but he has nothing new to offer in the way of treatment. Mr.50
  6. waking up depressed

    I feel much the same way but I am wondering if there is really any way to treat the Dopamine component other then Wellbutrin? Mr.50
  7. Bro I got to say that I have used Primaforce Yohimbe HCL with no effect and then I have used Yohimbe Bark from Vitamin World and it was incredible. So my conclusion is that some people need the "dirty" nature of yohimbe bark rather then Yohimbe HCL to get the effects. Mr.50
  8. I have been taking it at night with some GABA ATB and to tell the truth I have not noticed a thing. Mr.50
  9. Yes, I would be careful about going off the Paxil. When I went off mine in August I was at 20mgs per day. The first week I reduced to 15mgs. The second week 10mgs. The third week 5mgs. and then off. Other times when I tried to quit it cold turkey I get bad the brain zaps, nausia, headach, fatigue, felt like the flu. Mr.50
  10. I have to saw I have severe recurrant depression and I did not have a great experience with tianeptine. It was ok but it did not keep the depression at bay. Actually I could barely notice I was taking it. Good or bad. As far as getting insurance to pay for it I don't think that is an option in the US.
  11. Is it likely that the above referenced nutritional manipulations will improve SSRI induced sleep disturbances or not? Mr.50
  12. ATB Based on your above information and experriencce with this nutritional approach is there a particular regimine of the above nutritionaly supplements and dosing amounts and time you would reccomend? Any specific advice here would be appreciated because I am certainly willing to give it a try. When you get the chance..... Mr.50
  13. Wow great information and answer. Thanks. Mr.50
  14. ATB, Any info on what increases the amount of slow wave sleep, either pharmaceutical, herbal or anything else for that matter. I had a sleep study done a while ago and there was some abnormalities (including less slow wave sleep I think) but at the time the Doctor just chalked it up to the fact that I was so depressed that my sleep architecture was altered. Mr.50
  15. I would saw it is the best one I have seen. I don't know if anyone else out there has even seen it though. I have the 15th edition which is the most recent. Mr.50