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  1. Hidden Compartments Illegal?

    Two Words: "Homeland Security." -The (un)patriot(ic) act has stripped more of our civil rights than any other piece of legislation in US history. But maybe I should write something that's actually news. Now, false compartments in vehicles, tomorrow, "stash cans," those cans/jars that you can unscrew the bottom? What's next? Encyrpted email? Radar detectors? Police scanners? Sounds paranoid now but just wait.
  2. Boycott GearBoxInc

    For the past 4 years I've had no problems w/ gearboxinc.com. their prices, product selection, and customer service were all top-notch. However over the past two months that I have been waiting on an order of some supplies and a bottle of Liv-52 (an excellent liver-support formula IMO), GBI has been dodging me, not returning my emails, or claiming they have every type of problem from inventory to computer-server issues. Also during this time, I spoke to other people who claim to have received "sterile" vials with hairs in them (the short & curly type), packaging that... lets just say could've caused problems, and other people waiting months for their orders. I've been waiting since October 9th. Has anyone else seen similar problems w/ this company? I really didn't want to bring this problem to the forums, and over the past two months I've been waiting patiently, asking them to refund my CC if they can't ship the order, and emailing them every week; being the epitome of politeness the entire time. Well the time for courtesy is over. They stopped responding to my emails all together. I'm asking that anyone who's ever been screwed over by an unscrupulous company to stand with me and boycott GearBoxInc. Spread the word on whatever other forums you post on. Hell, cut & paste this post if you want. They thought that they could blow me off over a mere $30 order and nothing would come of it. Let's show unethical companies like GearBox what happens when you mess with a group of people who don't even know each other but are bound by a common interest: hating scammers! Mad as Hell, -V Please give this thread a "bump" if your with me, so when someone from GBI reads it and considers all the business they might loose maybe they'll not only refund my money, but think twice before screwing someone else.
  3. Yup... Frangible nailed it. Hypnogogic hallucinations and narcolepsy go hand-in-hand. Before I was diagnosed w/ narcolepsy in 03 I would have severe hypnogogic's, especially when driving (always fun). Basically your brain goes into rem sleep when your eyes are still open. Mine ranged, at their worst, from inverted colors (negative images) to full-blown hallucinations: i.e., a dragon swooping down on the NJ Turnpike and blowing all the cars in front of me off the road with a firery roar. Now that I'm medicated I can feel the rem sleep coming on before any hallucinations. For some reason, cars seem to trigger them, whether I'm driving or not. Maybe the motion?
  4. Dyazaplex

    I posted this in the "supplements" forum of M&M but figured I'd put it up here too for the hardcore-AvantLabs members: I've FINALLY sourced all my raws and compounded the powder. No write-up's or FAQs as of yet, but these are shipping in sealed, tamper-proof bottles (except for trial size) w/ label & ingredients (listed as a proprietary blend). In addition to the prices below, for M&M members only bulk powder will be available for a limited time w/ this current batch: 20g for $12 (enough for ~30 '00' caps) & free standard shipping for the first 15 customers requesting powder. Just include your M&M username in the email. Email: dyazaplex@gmail.com Final version available in trial-size: 14 caps for $10 w/ standard shipping, bottles of 60 (1 month supply) for $40 w/ free standard shipping. This is mostly for the people who've been PM'ing me nonstop and know what the product's about. If you have any medical conditions, allergies (contains phenylalanine), or take any medication: either OTC or Rx consult a health care practitioner before taking Dyazaplex. Dyazaplex is not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. -V
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I actually started taking Desoxyn because it had the least side effects of any available medicine for Narcolepsy. And yes, the half-life is shorter. I can believe that the lack of REM sleep had something to do w/ it, as during the last sleep-study I had done, in 4 hours of sleep there was no REM at all. I stopped taking the desoxyn a few days before I made the original post on this thread. I'm taking provigil now, only when I absolutely have to, but it sucks. I have no appetite or energy, and I sleep over 12 hours some days. Although I have to say I am feeling much more level-headed now. I have no health insurance but the good people at Debora Hospital took my case on Pro-Bono. They said my case is so unique and complicated that I guess they see JAMA articles and $$ when they look at me. thanks all, -V
  6. It's a well known fact that high, recreational dosages of methamphetamine WILL cause psychosis after 3-5 days. Some attribute this to not sleeping for 3-5 days, which I'm sure doesn't help. My question is: Could it be possible for methamphetamine, taken at a therapeutic dose of 30-50mg/day for over a year also cause drug-induced psychosis? The way I see it, if the psychosis from meth is only from not sleeping, then the answer would be no. But lately I've been feeling like I'm loosing my mind- felt very similar to cocaine-induced psychosis. I've since stopped all stims and I'm wondering if, over time, the drug could have built up such high plasma levels to cause the same or similar psychosis. Any advice would be appreciated greatly. -V
  7. Not so curious now that I saw what was "allegedly" in their "age breaker" product or something like that (forget the exact name). He claims to have ALT-711 in it. Now as anyone who knows a thing or two about nootropic drugs knows, this stuff absurdely expensive to produce, and can impure production create a lethal contaminate. But here's something the Nootropic Guru's don't know: when Rizzer went under, he gave about 50g's of "alleged" ALT-711 to a buddy of mine who bought out his company. I watched personally as this buddy (Jeff) flushed it down his toilet. Could he have made thousands? sure. Did he flush it only cuz I was there? -I doubt it, he's an ethical person. But he flushed it, and the only source he knew for what may/may not be ALT-711 was Rizzer. Shit big-pharma companies are having trouble manufacturing this stuff how is some website out of Glassborough getting it? For anyone who doesn't know what it is, it very well may be a cure for Alzheimer's and "senile dementia," as well as "Demtia-pugulistia" (punch-drunk syndrome).
  8. The anti-abortion position

    Strange... I guess great minds do think alike. This is the first "abortion discussion" I've read where the majority of people agree on most counts, and ALL the people agree w/ at least some of what the opposing people have to say.
  9. Cyber-Rights.net

    This one has never displayed such a message, nor has M&M, AnaMinds, bb.com, etc.
  10. Hmmmm..... LEnutri.com is out of Glassboro, NJ. Coincidentally this is where Rizzer ran Smi2le.biz out of. Coincidence? It's only about 40 minutes from where I live, maybe I can get some info from the township as to who the business is registered to. Jeff at nootrition.com told me that he heard Rizzer had plans to set up shop again.
  11. just found this: http://www.lenutri.com/ never ordered from them though, but they have some very interesting and hard to find products, plus free USPS Priority mail. Nootrition.com doesn't have the nefiracetam anymore. Their co-op might but I lost my password.
  12. Cyber-Rights.net

    anyone? Am I alone on this?
  13. nootrition.com has many hard to find racetams. Their co-op group has even more interesting products.
  14. Yes, it stayed local the last time I used it w/ Absolved (I had great results BTW) Lipoderm never did much for me. Aren't the carriers in Absolved and Matrix-ABS pretty much the same thing? What makes you think Lipoderm would be a better choice? Also, I got the clen from a UG lab, and have no way of finding out if it's base or HCl. It's most likely HCl, as I would assume it's a lot cheaper than base? Or am I assuming wrong?
  15. What about clen as an active at a low concentration? What do you suppose the odds are of systemic circulation. I wanna loose my spare tire, but don't want to have a stroke in the process considering that I take desoxyn.