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  1. I believe Lipo ultra ODB was fully saturated as is, so adding things beyond the original ingredients would probably not be worthwhile.
  2. Sesamin content in pure Sesame oil

    Hi Chris It would not be to your advantage to try and get your sesamin from sesame oil. There are miniscule amounts, if I'm not mistaken, in a generous serving of sesame oil. You would end up taking in way too many calories. Just use Sesathin by Avant....it will help you get leaner, improve lipid profile, support the liver and all those good things. BTW from your pic(what an interesting way to end a post) I don't think you need to get leaner...but sesathin would still be a good idea in small amounts
  3. Plateau at 365. Help

    It could be the chest as well. The lats help fire out of the bottom... chest/shoulders ...tris I would try doing 2 and 3 board presses. See what you can handle in both . If there is a dramatic difference between the two the weak one could be the ROM you need work in. Also slowly bring up work capacity your tri's. Extra sets on leg day for volume help greatly. Defintely do work in the 1-3 range as well. You gotta work your CNS. I'd give one day of working up to a triple on boards and the other doing sets of 8 or so in the bench a shot. Good Luck!
  4. Plateau at 365. Help

    Where did you miss the lift?(ex...off the chest,lockout,midpoint?) I'd concentrate on doing triples or singles with 90% of your max for a while as a basic recommendation...but that is very ghetto...need some more info..
  5. The Endomorph Project

    Stay Puft...Gus, thanks for the suggestions. SP- was it decaf green tea?
  6. The Endomorph Project

    Bf % is high. Fish oil is a definite plus. He had been taking around 10 g daily but after asking him...he has stopped recently when his last bottle ran out. I 'll make sure he gets back on track with those His appetite is pretty good I'd say. He will make good choices for the most part , but must constantly be reminded of serving sizes. One thing though, is the typical fucked reward pathways you see in obese people. I 'll notice him eat supper on occasion, say he feels satisfied, while continuing to pick and then rumbling around for fruit or a snack shortly after. It is also important that I keep reminding him it is important to eat. Every once in a while(particularly if he fell off track on the weekend or whatever), he'll tell me he "did good" ,only having coffee for breakfast , little or no lunch and will then come home to eat dinner. I also hear this from patients all the time..."I had nothing all day...so a little more at dinner is fine" or "I don't understand why I'm not losing weight...I only eat once a day" PSMF would work well I'd think but it would be a drastic change from how he's improved so far. It might be a step he should take in the near future, psychologically though I'm not sure how he'd handle it. Its something I might like to do closer to his vacation so he'd have a definite(attractive) goal in mind...I think PSMF is good but it is not something you wnat to teach as behavior modification. I believe this type of population responds quite differently to heavy food restriction vs some more normal setpoints etc...Not an excuse , just a precaution. Would you agree?
  7. The Endomorph Project

    Just noticed I misspelled the title. ..hey it was late. Spook misspelled the title of the Vinegar thread and that turned out classic
  8. The Endomorph Project

    Yes he is taking a generic multi . He does need to drink more water though. With the diuretics he has been leery about increasing consumption . He also loves black coffee(can't say I blame him ). What I'm trying to get him to do with that is just have a cup early in the morning and maybe one before working out. I don't think anybody with that kind of excess weight or storage capacity needs to be stimulating lipolysis or the stress response more frequently than they should. Your idea for the cheat meals is a good one as well. It is best to make sure the loophole isn't there to overconsume some of the uglier food choices.The biggest problem with largely overweight people seems to be the psycchological aspect. In this case its slightly better since my father likes to cook and try new things , so it is almost a challenge that he make stuff taste good while keeping it healthy. In others though, to change their diet hits hard, even moreso than it would to any other run of the mill guy. I've noticed the difference in not being able to enjoy something in say Joe Blow weekend warrior vs. a chronically overweight person is dissapointment vs. depression. thanks again
  9. The Endomorph Project

    Hello all... I tried a similar thread to this effect in the past and I was wondering if response might be better this time. My father is a 49yo 5'11 296lb endomorph. He works a somewhat high stress job as a Supervisor at a local university. Almost 1 year ago to the day he suffered a heart attack. Since being cleared for rehab he has taken it seriously and to his credit , has drastically changed his diet. He also has taken to resistance training and seems to genuinely enjoy challenging himself. At one point he was down to 269 at a morning weigh-in . Around the Holidays though, he took some time off of the gym to finish some remodeling in the house and also started loosening up his diet. This was after about a month. Well after he ended up back in the gym his weight had gone up over 20lbs. I attributed this to some fat gain and some water gain. I assumed once he returned to regular workouts he would strip it of again. This has not been the case. His losses have been minimal. I know strength on some exercises are personal bests so along with neural adaptations I can buy that there's been muscle gain.So the thing is...we're taking him on a cruise for his 50th birthday and he would like to look significantly better by then (late June).Right now things look like this resistance training 3-4x/week mostly machine stuff due to knee/flexibility issues. 8-12 rep range cardio 4 x a week/moderate intensity cycling non gym days usually involve about a mile walk around campus meds- diovan, aspirin-325mg, lasix, pravachol, Plavix, Toprol XL diet- 3- 4 meals a day...emphasis on elimination of any caloric beverages and most if not all highly processed foods. Breakfast- 1serving quaker weight control oatmeal, 2 omega eggs. Lunch- Tuna(h ,chicken or low sodium turkey breast on high fiber low carb bread piece of fruit Dinner - whatever lean meat he wants...usually 2-3 servings chicken/turkey/venison/95% lean beef ...salad with homemade vinagrette with Enova..med baked potato or 2/3C brown rice with spray butter or olivio..sugar free jello or pudding...before bed (occasionally) 1/2 cup of nonfat plain yougurt with frozen mixed berries/fruit. Diet soda , green tea/or water throughout the day. 1-2 glasses of red wine with dinner. 1 day during the week, dinner is fair game(pizza , pasta etc.) Weekends might see an additional glass of wine. My questions are : What is the best route for a true endo such as my dad? I was thinking four day weight split with 20 minutes low impact cardio after each session. This might allow lipolysis with the weights and oxidation with the cardio. Weights would be a four day upper/ lower split one day focusing on a rep range like say 3 sets of 10 the other 4 sets of six. What diet changes would you make? What do you feel is optimal for a true endo?I'm hoping to have him keep another 3 -5 day log and make sure he is staying on track as it seems he is. What meds, if any, might be holding back his progress?Toprol? What are your supplement suggestions? He tried Phenogen and sesathin before but was frustrated when he didn't see results(his diet was much worse back then though than he realized and was def holding back progress. I'd like to get him back on these , do you see any possible interactions? I'm pretty sure sesathin has anticoagulant properties and that might be a prob with the Plavix...or it might not. Do you guys have any other suggestions? All constructive input is greatly welcome. Please though, no remarks like "tell fatass to put the fork down"...I would think that highly disrespectful. Thanks in advance
  10. M1T cycle and thermogenics?

    sesathin would be a big + with M1T or any androgen bc of its ability to improve lipid profile and positive effects on the liver . I also believe it has anti coagulant properties, which couldn't hurt on cycle.
  11. JOKES

    Scotty is a shy 17 year old virgin who is about to go over his sweetheart's house for yet another date in their 3 month relationship. So far they have limited their physical contact to kissing only... After a movie and some popcorn , they get to making out pretty heavily, Scotty even conjures up to caressing his gf's breasts...and she loves it! He then starts sliding his hand down lower but upon reaching her waist , he quickly pulls it back. His girlfriend whispers "its ok...go ahead" in his ear, but he just responds, "I can't". She then said "no, no, I want you to", to which he responded, "but, I can't"!. Now his girlfriend is visibly perturbed, she screams "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ... YOU CAN'T? He then says I can't...BECAUSE YOU HAVE TEETH DOWN THERE! She erupts laughing and says "Who told you that"? Scotty tells her it was his mother who would "...never steer me wrong" Determined to show him the truth she then says "Scott, look!" and takes off her pants and underwear revealing a freshly shaven vagina...SEE? NO TEETH! Scotty looks unphased and retorts "how do I know they aren't further down in there...my mom wouldn't lie!" His girlfriend is slightly upset and spreads herself apart a bit and says there...happy now? Toothless.... Scotty still looks unconvinced and says I'm still not sold because my mom loves me and just wants what's best for me.I know she would NEVER lie to me! Now his girlfriend is determined to prove both Scotty and his mother wrong . She takes her legs ,throws them over her head and spreads her vagina wide open so he can see every nook and cranny...she says "There...Happy Now? NO FUCKING TEETH!!!! Scotty looks at her cocksure and says..."pfft..well its no wonder.... with that kind of gum disease!"
  12. Welcome

    ommegang 3 philosophers.....Lancaster Hop Hog...Lancaster Milk Stout...the Rogue Porter is good too...can't think of the name...and Delerium Noel
  13. Healthy fats

    Caffeine also inhibits the conversion of ALA
  14. Healthy fats

    hmmm ok... In class it was always referred to as a monousaturated n-6... Nutrition degress are somewhat worthless