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  1. Drinking with severe liver inflammation experience (Mono): You get drunk very easily and quickly, stay that way for 2-3 hours, and then regardless of whether you had 3 or 10 drinks you start to feel extremely unwell and need to sit/lay down somewhere. You become burning hot to the touch, yet you feel like you're freezing. Vomiting makes you feel almost 100% better and removes all of these symptoms. If most/all of that applies to you, get liver values checked immediately and evaluate the hepatoxicity of other substances/lifestyles you are involved with.
  2. To add to this thread, based on a few weeks of insight: Psychadelics are certainly among the most powerful things you will encounter in your life, and I wouldn't try to stop anybody from trying them. That being said, when you stop tripping in the hopes of refining a personal philosophy and instead do it to get 'fucked up', you are not going to get away with it for long. If you do not take care, especially with respect to using them too often, preconceived "norms" are dissolved at a much faster rate than you can think about and reassemble them. One cannot function for long without subscription to a particular world-view/philosophy, whatever it may be; at worst, you will go insane from no longer having any basis with which you can evaluate yourself and your surroundings. I now understand why indian tribes had medicine men who would make absolutely certain that someone was using these as a tool, a vision quest, and had weeks/months of mental preparation prior to each usage.
  3. Ceiling limit as in diminishing marginal returns, the maximum result in an absolute sense, or a LD-50 type thing? As for being scheduled, it was probably prudent to automatically put a brand new stimulant drug as Sched IV. But, I read rumors recently that stated that this may soon be taken off the list because there is pretty much no abuse potential.
  4. Problems with bench press

    I dont think his other lifts are particularly good, either. He's just all around weak at the moment... don't do anything special for the bench, just figure out what he's doing wrong on the diet/intensity/volume side of things for the entire body, and tell him to gain weight if he needs it.
  5. Is that a new breed of dog?
  6. "Mental fog"

    me too... but not only is the internet (or video games for some) addictive, it is now virtually impossible to live life without it. How the hell do you wean yourself off of an addictive substance that has been irreversibly woven into the fabric of society?
  7. Taurine tolerance? & Cycle DLPA?

    This was linked over at M&M, so I'll post a reply in both threads: I am not sure how difficult it is to make the -racetams, but it is possible that the pakistani piracetam was either spiked with something or synthesized incorrectly (perhaps yielding a different -racetam altogether?). This is purely conjecture on my part, but it best explains the disparity you have seen. It seems as if most, if not all, of the adverse effects of piracetam listed above are precisely those of acetylcholine depletion in the brain. I am still not convinced that this depletion is anything more than a well thought out theory, but whenever such symptoms come up, they can usually be resolved with the recommendation of adding extra choline to the diet. I have never noticed anything other than a removal of brain fog & potentiation of stimulants from any dose of piracetam.
  8. I don't know if it is too expensive, but you are paying roughly 10 times more than I do for your piracetam. Do you have a prescription for nootropil? If not, legality isnt an issue; if so, does your country allow importation of generic drugs if you have a script for the brand name drug? As for the choline, this is actually for the most part conjecture from internet boards (that I agree with), and so you shouldnt expect to find any set ratio of piracetam-to-choline that will work best. I personally just down a spoonful of lecithin, or 250mg of Alpha GPC, with my doses when taking piracetam for several days in a row. Also: lecithin has many applications and effects outside of being an adjunct to Nootropil therapy... it can reduce alcoholic liver damage, it can increase paranoid behavior with long-term high dosing, etc. Alpha GPC has the advantage of clinical trials which show cognitive benefit on it's own. I haven't looked to see if Alpha GPC shares the same negative effects on behavior that lecithin reportedly does.
  9. Stating the obvious

    Your third paragraph indicates that you missed the point of the article. People want healthcare, but nobody wants to pay for it; this is the conflicting public opinion that was mentioned throughout the article. I also have no idea what you are talking about in the final paragraph I've quoted.
  10. You can probably do this much more cheaply with Piracetam bulk powder... last time I looked, you could get something like $25/kilo on various websites. As for a good food source for choline, lecithin is the best bet. This can also be bought cheaply in bulk.
  11. Im not sure I understand the objection; ritalin is just as much a stimulant as adderal is, although the mechanism of action is quite a bit different.
  12. "Mental fog"

    I'd like to second that effect of T. I know that my levels are low naturally, so this should not necessarily be readily extrapolated to everybody, only those with borderline low T levels. I also had the same effect from 75-100mg ATD ED, I'm guessing because lowering E2 in my body was a stronger effect than any anti-androgenic effect of ATD. Frangible, have you ever tried piracetam? It doesn't provide the same overwhelming clarity that the initial surges in T bring, but it certainly has a large and noticeable effect in me. Users also report that it potentiates amphetamine-like compounds (amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA) to a very noticeable degree, but I can't vouch for that personally... if this was true, you could potentially lower the dose of your Amp, saving money and possibly reducing side effects. Finally: How well established are these digit ratios as reliable markers of androgen status? One of my index fingers is longer by about a mm, and on the other hand the digits are almost exactly the same size.
  13. "Mental fog"

    I have ADD tendencies and the same 'fog', and I've noticed that the 'mental fog' comes and goes depending on who knows what variables. However, whenever I go out and get SMASHED, the next morning there is obviously a mental fog... but I have a hunch, based on how this fog feels and operates, that it may be the same thing as the ADD fog. If you buy this, you could look at what changes occur in the brain after heavy drinking, and then find ways to antagonize those changes as a shot-in-the-dark treatment for ADD brain fog.
  14. did you mean for someone to smoke both, or to do this orally?
  15. Store Issue

    same here, on both firefox and IE