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  1. coital/exertion migraines

    When I got my headaches I immediately dropped fish-oil (and most other supps), out of concern for thinned blood in the case of a ruptured aneurysm (though I doubt there is any legitimacy for such concern?). Regardless, I was taking 8-10g a day and the headaches did stop over the next few weeks. I would find it an interesting experiment if you discontinued fish oil for a few weeks, though I can't see a reason why fish oil would cause exertion headaches especially given the fact that it is thought to have an anti inflammatory action.
  2. coital/exertion migraines

    I got coital headaches a little while back. Sudden, thunderclap terrible headaches at the point of orgasm. Not fun dreading orgasms. I went to my doctor and she made me get an MRI to check for an aneurysm (as the headaches were accompanied by neck stiffness). Turns out I was alright. I suspect that it had something to do with the fact that my blood pressure is high combined with using the valsalvic technique while lifting (maybe a micro rupture or stress in the blood vessel). Though I am not sure why I would get the headaches during orgasm, and not during max lifts. Anyways, I took a few weeks off from the gym and dropped supp's that were aggravating my bp and the headaches disappeared. Be especially watchful for stiffness in the neck, as this can be an indication of blood in the brain stem from a ruptured aneurysm. Propranolol is also helpful, though likely mostly for people with bp issues. Personally after I got the OK from the doc, I would consume some beers combined with prop before sex so I could sleep through the pain.
  3. Breathlessness from Trenbolone

    Probably went into a vein or blood vessel. The way the oil can seep out after an injection I would also guess going through would cause some oil to enter the bloodstream and lead to the coughing fit. Unpleasant as hell.
  4. Knight Rider

  5. Tren Ace

    Didn't mean to be an ass. I just thought I had remembered reading about you starting your first cycle 4 or 5 months ago on a different board. Thus I was suprised when you said you had completed 4 cycles. I suppose that "hmmm" did come off as being an ass....sorry....
  6. Tren Ace

  7. Would coming off a heavier cycle to HRT levels for a few weeks, before PCT gain any advantage? Seems to me, your body might start producing a little of its own testosterone and the transistion won't be so abrubt. Or what about a slower withdrawl period pre standard PCT?
  8. Never Ending Cycle

    Im not sure if this is what pro was referring to, but there are a number of people that don't cycle off, only down to HRT dosages for some time. This eliminates those early PCT very low test losses, without seriously compromising health and staying on high doses continuously. Some people on other boards swear by this approach and claim to have been on like this for years without problems. Seems to me like it would be much more economical than PCT if you plan on staying on for a full 1/2 of the year as well. I bet it would take quite a while for your body to return after doing this for some time however.... edit:I think this is the source of this idea from t-nation http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460291
  9. This is kind of cool, just like the old barrels from Doom... Stretegically place near enemies.... Hmmm, just think of the pranks if you rig these babies to explode upon opening.... "Sweet! my new protein poweder arri...***BAM**** "
  10. Most studies done probably involve reasonable doses of creatine. I wouldnt be suprised if 200grams daily would have some negative affects on the kidneys (especially with added AAS), nor would I be suprised by somebody taking that much of it considering the reasonable prices and complete willingness for some people to push consumption of such items to the limit. I bloat quite a bit from creatine mono, so I am assuming this would cause slightly more kidney stress by the same mechanism that AAS water retention does, or am I wrong? Ive noticed a mild increase in blood pressure whenever I start creatine in the past, though it could be coincidental... In order to reduce kidney problems due to AAS water retention, is it advisable to stack natural diruetics (ie cranberry juice or dandelion root)?
  11. 200 grams of creatine daily
  12. Welcome

    And if we start talking about good brews.... I think the American Microbrew movement is where it is at. Dogfish's 90 Minute IPA 3 Floyds -Dark Lord Stout New Glarus's- IPA, anything Unplugged etc Not to mention Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams and many other not so micro's..... Right now I just wish I could get som Fat Tire since it has been a long time since I had one (untill my clone finishes that is )
  13. Welcome

    I learned something similar to this in college... 1 six pack of Sierra Nevadas Big Foot Barley Wine (10%ABV) cost me about $7 from the local store for a six pack, meaning I was getting about the same amount of alcohol as my friends who were pays $6 and change for a twelve pack of Miller and much more flavor and enjoyment. The intensity of it also forced me to hold pace with my friends and gave me a better buzz (less carbs total??). The downside of this however was the reluctance to share a sixth of my evening with somebody who was out. Lots of fun memories bein poor, I swaer I had more fun then than I do now that I actually have some money.... Recently I am discovering homebrewing, probably not the best hobby to attempt to replace alcoholism with, but supisingly it seems to be working....
  14. Cheap Bars 180 Atkins Advantage Chocolate Decadence Bars for $25. Expired Feb. 2005. Good deal if this is your thing and youdont mind the fact that they are outdated. Serving Size: 1 60 gram bar Total Servings: 1 Net Carbs: 2 grams Qty. Per Product: Amount Per Serving: Calories: 220 Calories from fat: 100 %DV Total Fat 11 g 17% Saturated Fat 7 g 35% Cholesterol 2 mg 0% Sodium 65 mg 3% Potassium 320 mg 9% Total Carbohydrate 25 g 8% Dietary Fiber 11 g 44% Sugars 0 g % Protein 17 g 34% Sugar Alcohol 3 g % ETC...... ALSO http://www.cssauction.com/product/___943/a...-case-pack.html Almond brownie Bars for $40/180 source: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/messagevie...threadid=559242 Personally I am not interested in this nor have I ordered any from them, just posted it in case somebody else is interested in this sort of thing.
  15. I have read about this several places for self treatment of abscess's and such when one does not wish to involve their doctor. It seems like most fish stores primarily carry Tetracyline, which at least a few years ago had some problems related to decomposing over time into something that was very kidney-toxic. I'm not sure if this is still an issue (one forum I read stated that it was a production issue that had been resolved), but I wonder if this is still an issue with Tetracycline?