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  1. Scott, that's a lot of magnesium per day. You might consider dropping the extra 300 mg.
  2. Check over on M & M and anabolicminds. I'm pretty sure there are some on there. And keep checking back on the Avant Research website- we'll post blogs on SuperCarb recipes.
  3. Well, SuperCarb isn't actually an Avant Labs product- it's Avant Research. www.avantresearch.com You can find all our product write-ups on that site and on www.mindandmuscle.net.
  4. Oh no, it's so much more than just a sweetener- it's basically the perfect carbohydrate, suitable for any use. Bulking for extra calories, dieting to replace high glycemic carbs, carb loading for athletic events, and yep, even cooking. It's GI is 32.
  5. Wow, very sorry we didn't catch this sooner. Yep, SyntheSIZE is still coming out. The final version just came in and should be available in retailers very, very soon. Also, SuperCarb final and Napalm are set to come out at the same time as SyntheSIZE. And beyond that, we've got some great products on the horizon. Keep an eye out.
  6. Order 569

    Hey Fletch, hit me up at tsavage@avantlabs.com with the situation.
  7. One tablespoon = 11.2 grams.
  8. where to buy heat?

    Yeah, it's coming along, just more slowly than I'd like. I promise we're going to get better at estimated times for these kinds of things.
  9. sesathin caps or liquid?

    I'd say go with the liquid. It tends to get better feedback. Yeah, along with a healthy lifestyle, SesaThin helps promote a lean physique.
  10. Lipoderm Ultra "Stack"

    Powder. You can buy raspberry ketone powder at nutraplanet.com.
  11. M&M Forums

    Hard refresh. Shift + refresh.
  12. M&M Forums

    Me too. I'll call in the big guns.
  13. Best Pre-Workout stimulant?

    Probably 30 minutes to an hour beforehand on an empty stomach.
  14. lipoderm-Y custom help

    Don't think so. Seems to work fine.