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  1. Banned From M&M

    You do realize that this forum gets next to no traffic at all,right?
  2. As you have a medical condition I'd speak with your doctor.
  3. Can't stop Binging lately

    I'd see a doctor and simply be truthful with him,WRT your specific problem(s) and anything else that may arise.
  4. The older version of HEAT,which AFAIK would not signifigantly raise BP,has been discontinued. It is being reformulated and the new version will probably increase BP due to its anticipated pronounced stimulatory effect.This is only a guess as I am unaware of the new actives it will have but as you have high BP I'd suggest not using stimulants in general. Sesathin will present no such problems and is the ideal supplement for your body type and medical condition.
  5. Dante's advuice is still solid but I'd swap the C for 2 caps of AMP and 4 caps of HEAT,while bumping the tyrosine to around 5 grams.
  6. Yes,I did high dose CLA myself but note the thread linked is over 3 years old.Also,the studies likely used the top shelf CLA and not the 50/50. A search on M+M under virtual cyber + CLA will lead you to the thread I was refering to earlier.He recently presented a solid arguement against CLA,which convinced me.If my memory wasn't so sketchy I could go on but ,alas....
  7. M+M is down right now,some mind of server problem,so I can't do any search to confirm VC's statements. I rmemeber that quite recently,in either a CLA or ppar-a type thread,that Virtual Cyber stressed that CLA (in all forms) should be avoided.He presented a solid arguement but I can't remeber why he was so adamant.I'd wait til M&M gets back online to see his take on it before gulping those CLA tabs down. I remember that several years back,before it was well established that commercially produced CLA was what it actually is,that I dosed 15-20 caps of a Tonalin brand with no further fat loss so FWIW...
  8. CLis a bad idea,increased insulin resistance from thhe CLA on the market and Nutraplanet has not made any note of te ir CLA containing the CORRECT isomers so given the cheap price,it's the nasty stuff;) In short,do a search under CLA + VirtualCyber,he's posted extensively about it. I'd use up the rest of your Kirkland fish oil and then switch to a higher potency brand,or vastly preferably,toss it and get a higher quality.I like EPActive by Jarow for its higher EPA to DHA ratio.Or check the latest 2 threads on fish oil on M&M,there was some good discussion within.
  9. My apologies Cap'n,I overlooked this inquiry. Sesamin usage pre cardio,is the and and only time that sesamin should be ingested without a meal containing at least 10 grams of fat.Pre cardio usage of sesamin would consist of sesamin and a tall glass of water,with the intent of amplifying the results of cardio via increased accesibility towards the use of fat as a direct energy source.Spook brought this up a while back and if it's good enough for Spook,it's good enough for me.I should've saved the thread but alas,I did not so my abbreviated summation will have to suffice. WRT all other possible possible applications i.e.bulking,recomping and cutting,sesamin should be taken with a meal containing 10+ grams of fat.
  10. I'd also opt for transdermal formestane,applied to arms or shoulders, in lieu of nolva or the like to countertact any chance of gyno flare up. I'm not altogether convinced of the safety of this approach long term,but if in bind,several months of formestane shopudn't pose any adverse effect. If you have full blown gyno,I'd look into raloxifene at approximately 100mg's e/d as it has a much higher success rate than nolva.
  11. I really wouldn't worry about such.As long as you're taking it with undesirable sources of fat i.e.not EFA's,you're in the clear. This is in relative terminology as sesamin and fish oil exert mild adverse effects WRT getting h'yuuuge but at any rate,this is applicable to ectos and to a lesser degree mesos but endos need not concern themselves with such.
  12. Where did you use the LU? Abs,pecs or both? I ask b/c you have the same kind of gyno/pseudogyno that I have and I'm thining LU would be more effective if only applied to the pecs,unless you are dieting at a 1000+ deficit. I am not sure LU can conceivably be used on multiple body parts with the same degree of success if only applied to one body part. Your chest fat looks the same in the first pic as it does the second but in the second you are overall leaner,most noticeably in the mid region. Maybe I'm just extrapolating the date on LU in a fucked up way and am totally off base here.But, hehe,I am quite sure that the bigger the deficit,the more effective LU is at oxidizing pesty lipid activity. I've only used Lipo/LU on my pecs and the shit does indeed work like a charm,when one has cut down to 10% or so.My chest is actually a good deal worse than yours and when I was around 10% with OLD SCHOOL Lipo-Y (and usnic acid tossed in,this really helped IMO,along with the caffiene I put in there) it became almost a complete non issue,much less readily apparent than yours is.And I was at the same level of overall leaness as you are in the second pic,I certainly wasn't like 6% or anything freaky like that.