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  1. No worries,Sesathin will not alter any drug tests.
  2. Lipo Ultra contains caffiene,which should stave off most (if not all) of the Y Hcl induced water retention. For those who still see water retention,it certainly is not permanent and disappears within a week of cessation of Lipoderm Ultra.
  3. Banned From M&M

    You do realize that this forum gets next to no traffic at all,right?
  4. You would need clen in an alcohol based solution,I'm not sure what you mean by "syrup". See the thread below for more detailed instructions,this has been covered in depth. http://anabolicminds.com/forum/avant-resea...our-napalm.html
  5. Anabolics and Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Superdrol is not the type of anabolic that would help you,avoid it. Low dose anavar (10mg twice ED) would likely be beneficial,although relief may take several months to manifest. Milk thistle,Sesathin and NAC would be requisites for an extended (albeit low dose) anavar cycle.SAM-e would also be a worthy adjunct IMO. Search mindandmuscle.net forums under the user name LLiorh and anavar,he posted a thread up indicating low dose anavar is helpful over the long term with bone/connective tissue recuperation.
  6. Gyno problem??? help!

    Get on 80mg nolvadex (preferably 80mg raloxifene) taken with as fatty meal at night. Do this immediately and run it for at least 8 weeks while stayting well away from PH's,forskolin and anything else that can prevent the gyno treatment/drugs from being effective. Alcohol and marijuana are also on this list.
  7. I say Sesathin,FTW. A tip;take a dose 1/2 hour with at least 16 oz. of water before doing cardio to liberate more FFA to be oxidized.
  8. Sesathin is stable at room temperature for several years,your bottle is likely fine. Mindandmuscle.net gets more traffic.
  9. Sesathin in no way will promote anxiety,it is not a stimulant. Your previous anxiety was due to the use of Tight HARDCORE,caffiene is quite anxiogenic and is well known to cause heart palpitations.
  10. Ang II and the PVN

    Bumped for Jakeshorts.
  11. Have you had any bloodwork done? At any rate,if you've been in a caloric deficit for a year than you certainly need to ease into a transition of a surplus. I'd bump kcals up a 100 every other day til you reach 500 or therabouts above maintainance and stay there for several weeks. Ample protien and low to medium GI cho with a tablespoon of fish oil three times per day would be a good start.
  12. LipoDerm-ULTRA questions

    This board is pretty much defunct. Mindandmuscle.net/forum is Avant's parent board,where you'd get prompt answers to such questions. Follow the label instructions,best to apply it every 12 hours after a shower.There is no need to increase dosing amounts.