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  1. Large dose of XSTEND?

    3 Grams Pre / 3 Grams Post workout.
  2. Come Chat with Par

    We are going to implement one that is more resource friendly, that doesn't randomly disconnect people off the chat, and appeases the majority. FlashChat had some security issues and the chats kinda got less popular but hopefully we will lauch them again during this season.
  3. Synthesize

    Yep that sounded like a bad idea to begin with.
  4. sesathin capsules

    Nope no difference. The coloring is from the capsules and the emulsion liquid Avant Labs is clear.
  5. What's the news? SyntheSIZE

    I only ordered 6 as well lol. Between's Colin plethora of SesaThin and 12 jugs of SyntheSIZE I think he's going for a full recomp!
  6. Clinton on Fox News

    Did you guys read this? http://www.abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory?id=2495299
  7. Clinton on Fox News

    It's funny that the Bush Administration vowed to capture Bin Laden (dead or alive). Then they lose them, then the far right tries to place the blame on the Clinton Administration.
  8. Happy B-Day, Loki

    Wow...welcome back
  9. downloading music

    xmule/amule works good. Of course torrent software is always good but I've only found it useful for full albums. and usenet
  10. Terrorism Today

    I don't think you guys know wtf I'm talking about.
  11. No I don't agree either Stay Puft. Depression is a 'disease of affluence' and in my experience has no true trigger. Although your idea could be one of those triggers, its not a formula for depression or anything.
  12. OK this is an analogy I thought of for a while about todays form of terrorism that these Islamist extremists use against us and Ghost in The Shell: 2nd GiG. Here's some more information on a Stand Alone Complex: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stand_Alone_Complex The level of terrorism today reminds me of the Individual Eleven in 2nd GiG. I know it doesn't 100% fit the definition of one but think about it: 9/11 triggered this 'War on Terrorism' and it has also triggered MORE terrorist attacks against the US and its Allies. Our allies have suffered quite a bit with attacks in Egypt, Indonesia, England, Spain, Iraq, etc. Al Qaeda is connected within certain networks, but some of these attacks seem as though they are independant of one another. Sure it might be individuals with similar beliefs of the west but it seems like post-9/11 triggered a chain reaction. I'll post more later but I wanted to get some ideas started on this. Hopefully there are some GiTS fans here and hopefully I don't get a 'what are you talking about' response.
  13. Math Reads

    So is flowcharting but that logic IMO is really good for designing, programming,engineering, etc I'm not so sure about math.
  14. I actually read this at the bookstore. Great article.