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  1. so i stumbled in on here how about in a small air tight chamber lined with silica beads on the buttom,not touching the coke ofcourse and having direct access to all the air in the chamber should be done in a few hours tops no?
  2. Stevia

    oh dear! samn 'S' button :angry:
  3. Stevia

    sorry, been out for a long time.... as for my friend, she was consuming it as a sweetner for tea and coffee. we still dont have any splenda products here in the Missle east and these packets she got off a friend frok the U.S. not to blow my ego or anything, but when she was complaining about her rash, i asked what she usually eats, and remembering a bit of the article, i asked her to stop splenda for a week. im not saying i beleive the guy against published research, but comon everyone. 8 subjects had no negative effects? ok who paid for the study, why arent there many many more done? if its so safe, id imagine their company would hype the hell out of its safety no? yuk....with all these questions and my first hand experience(though i myself did not get any symptoms) id rather i stay away. though with a lot of protein manufacturers incorporating it, thats gonna get tougher and tougher. NOW's stevia liquid extract is pretty decent. good taste in tea and great taste in coffee. havent had table sugar in a few months now. either way, i only presented the link so others can make up their own mind. peace!
  4. damn, has it been 4 years almost! i came across this and i thought id say that in rage is working pretty awesomly now. tried it out a couple of weeks ago before throwing it out ( ) and oi and behold. it works a lot of focus and a ton of controlled aggression. no idea why it suddenly is working. and ocidaisation issues over time maybe?! time for tranquili g, ill check it out tonight. and since i have barely had one drink in two months. ill finally see if its the alcohol cross tolerance issue. (wolrd's longest running supplement review!)
  5. Amp ???

    Ill happily second par suggestion. I tested the first ever batch of AMP and the geranamine came in a seperate white capsule. which i of course snorted a little of and LOVED it. orally, at least for me the whole combo didnt do much. nice energy but nothing compared to the intra-oral(yeah im just rememering the label from in-rage :-) ) experiment
  6. Stevia

    "sucralose (1mg/kg, 100 microCi) to eight male subjects," no offense but 8 subjects? for a product that millions consume? i only mentioned it because i happen to see it first hand on a friend f mine, she used to get these irritating skin rashes on her wrists, couple of days after she stopped spleda-ing they disappeared. sunno what id conclude, but id love to see more studies and till then id avoid it(as much as possible...cant really escape it it seems) anyways, have you guys seen what he said about hydrogen peroxide and soar throats? now that shit works. tried it myself a few time. unf*ckenbeleivable. :-) HP flu remedy! overall i think the guy does more good than harm with his advice.
  7. Stevia

    ive been reading for over a year that spleda aspartame etc are really bad for you, or at least a big segment of the population. has anyone read these? Main Article and splenda articles any thoughts?
  8. PP/SD/RR/nolva/LX/Activate for 6 weeks

    i have decided that the last 7-10 of similar cycles i will start RR, no scientific reason, its just a very strong feeling i got. the boys werent that big, but much bigger compared to while "on", but libido and performance and horniness did.
  9. Pheraplex

    m1t ofcourse. hence the ugliness after 10 days...
  10. Drugs / supps for sleep?

    my 2 cents. havent been around the board lately as i have finally bitten the bullet and gotten married! still getting my head around everything, and having the 2ns part of my honeymoon in ibiza closing parties didnt help... anyways, one product i really liked and at recommended dosage produced a far better quality of sleep than expected was USP labs's REM R3G. this was on sober nights and even on stim-use nights. very impressed with it.
  11. my bloodwork

    start to worry when those liver vales are over 80 for repeated tests.
  12. Pheraplex

    for me SD worked twice as well. even on my 6 week cycle, when i switched to SD week 4, i immediatly felt better effects. SD = 1-test(<10 days) = 1-test(>10 days) = PP = "clear" ? :-)
  13. from reading the pdf , its seems it means leaving it to disintigrate on the tongue membrane.
  14. ACT before and after 4 Weeks AAS?

    go for it. worked really well for me.
  15. PP/SD/RR/nolva/LX/Activate for 6 weeks

    ofcourse not, though how i felt and tet results this time round were much better with RR and activate alongside nolva, instead of 6-oxo or rebound xt only. its all good. im continuing lx and activate at a lonely pill per day, and im testing out sann's blaze xtreme. since the isurance covered almost all my tests, i may do a follow up test soon ;-)