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  1. Magnesium, magnesium, magnesium.
  2. Spook/someone: Could you please post the links to these studies?
  3. Got my geiger counter working

    Dunno why but that pic made my day...its always comforting to see there are other people who are as ostentatiously weird as myself.
  4. Russia

    Good stuff, Sanction. Today I read a great article on Russian airports as microcosm of their society at large: http://www.economist.com/world/PrinterFrie...tory_id=8401107
  5. Some old posts

    Yeah dude, when you wrote one time that your mind was spotless and beautiful, or something along those lines, I figured there were some substance issues. Your posts remind me of what I felt like when I was on deprenyl and piracetam: mental self-certainty came at the cost of flexibility of mood, which isn't really all that nootropic at all. Drugs are bad, m'kay? I learned the hard way as well over the past year. Best of luck.
  6. Libertarianism is Stupid

    It would be much harder to get rich if there weren't uninformed, lazy, insecure, gullible, and outright stupid people so willing to part with their money.
  7. The "Purpose" of Life

    When thinking about these types of things, I think it is useful and important to figure out how pleasure, contentment, and happiness are distinct yet interlocked.
  8. Stating the obvious

    At present day, the PACs and the media do the largest portion of the rhetorical work in persuading the populace, not the talent of politicians themselves. In old times, the politician, by the power of his spectacle, was both the medium and the message. There was no Wolf Blitzer who would jump on the stage and start parsing the speech as soon as it ended. There were no video clips that could be chopped and screwed in an obliteration of context. The arena of political speech is now so omnipresent and aggressive, with so much crosstalk and sensationalism, that today's politicians have a much harder task ahead of them if they want to be truly *heard*. They need to captivate, uplift, and inspire by their own skill, and seem more enlightened, powerful, and charismatic than the TV news personalities who mediate them. Otherwise, they become a mere sideshow to the media circus.
  9. Stating the obvious

    As to the cause of the modern pathetic-politician phenomenon, the reticence of vested interests is doubtless a factor. But I wonder if this hasn't always been the case; the great orators of history have always gained their political power from their ability to pull the heartstrings of the working man, and only after which did wealthy sponsors come a-courting. The problem is, no one seems to be able to ball anymore. Perhaps this is in part due to that there are too many opportunities today for charasmatic individuals to get their narcissistic jollies from slightly less stressful enterprises, like Hollywood or cable news. Perhaps, due to modern media, the disincentives to being a politician are too great, such that any highly ambitious and intelligent individual would much rather be a CEO of a publicly traded corporation than barrel into the meme-arena inexorably dominated by the O'Reilly's and Limbaugh's of the world, who have licence to be hilariously incendiary without being accountable to anyone.
  10. Stating the obvious

    I think Samuelson raises the crux of the issue when he mentions the impotency of most modern politicians in actually shaping public opinion. While many people are indeed unintelligent in terms of critical thinking ability, most people are able to sense when a person on stage is investing themselves in their words. For some reason, it seems that most can simply tell when a performer, be it a singer, actor, or politician, believes and cares about what they are saying. Inspirational words need to be eloquent, and be grounded by certain gestures, tone of voice and facial expressions n order to have any traction with the public. Unfortunately, most politicians no longer try to lift people up, instead, they just rattle off poll-friendly checklists of problems and solutions in whiny barks.
  11. Dieting with Resveratrol

    Wow. Does anyone have the full article?
  12. apple polyphenols

    There was some news recently about apples and alzheimer's prevention/treatment. Something in it inhibits acetylcholinesterase I believe.
  13. Is free society possible without alcohol?

    Cheers mate, what you reading these days?
  14. No. If you wanna get all Jared Diamond and shit.
  15. "Philosophers are often moral idiots..."

    This idea resonates. From your above I would argue that philosophy in its most authentic form (not as university or cafe fodder), but as a true eroticization of wisdom, occurs only in an ecstatic merging of theoria and praxis, when ideas-about become the hard, sharp edges of the world-within. That is, when one perceives not only the fixity of structures (ethical, aesthetic, logical, political, etc.), but has a fixedness of attitude towards and within such structures.