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  1. http://www.ironmaster.com/store/Quick-Lock-Dumbells-c-1.html im rather close to buying these for home use. i don't plan to equip a home gym or anything like that, i am keeping my gym membership i just want to have a nice set of adjustable dumbbells at home. these come as a set of two 75 lb dumbbells and can be upgraded to a pair of 120 lb dumbbells and the stand is included in the price which also holds the plates. can you think of any reason why i shouldn't get them? do they have a fatal flaw? is there something better? so far the worst thing i heard about them is that their weights are grossly inaccurate ( 5 pound is actually 4.5 etc ) but that in itself does not bother me much - i can just put them on a scale if i really need to know how much i am lifting. any thoughts ?
  2. this girl is telling me that she can taste the plastic in bottled water and that "good" water is sold in glass containers. so can plastic of the bottle actually dissolve into the water it carries ? more specifically im talking about those typical 1-gallon containers in which spring water is sold.
  3. this is pissing me off

    http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/octob...e_activists.htm first they want to take away people's right to bear arms now they want to make it illegal to even think about taking your country back from the slavemasters ?
  4. does CNS overtrain as a whole, or by muscle groups ? in other words if you do squats until you overtrain your CNS is that going to affect your performance on curls ? i ask because depending on the answer periodization should be done differently. so for example if you split your muscles into 3 workouts and you want to do periodization where for every high intensity ( H ) workout you do four low intensity ( L ) workouts, which is the right way to do it: H L L L L H L L L L H L L L L H L L ... or H H H L L L L L L L L L L L L H H H L L L L L L L ... ?
  5. im going to make some assumptions first and then im going to propose a system that i think would address them the assumptions: assumption 1: CNS recovers slower than muscles assumption 2: CNS operating at 100% is needed for maximal strength only assumption 3: to develop both size and strength CNS and muscle both have to be adequately stimulated without overtraining either assumption 4: low to moderate intensity exercise is sufficient for stimulating muscle size increase. it can be performed frequently without overtraining CNS. assumption 5: high intensity exercise is necessary to increase maximal strength but requires long period of time for CNS to recover. now the proposed system: for each muscle group (how you group muscles is up to you, you can do all in one day or split them by 1 muscle, doesnt matter) every week or so ( every 3 - 10 days or so ) you will perform a LOW intensity workout. also for each muscle group (excluding isolation movements) every month or so ( every 2 to 8 weeks or so ) you will perform a HIGH intensity workout. the combination of these low and high intensity workouts should provide optimum loading as well as recovery for both muscle tissue and CNS. the workouts: high intensity workout: you perform warm up of your choice, then do singles and pyramid up all the way to your max, then you go home. use a good spotter for any exercise where the weight is above you. this high intensity workouts is about powerlifting-LIKE movements such as deadlift, bench-press etc. you can add your own exercises but they have to be exercises which are about lifting weight and not maintaining form. you either go for weight or for form, you cannot do both at the same time. other good exercises that could go into this workout are shrugs, bent-over rows, military press etc. very important: you cannot perform more than 1 exercise for same muscle group in the training cycle (2 to 8 weeks) as part of your high intensity workouts because once you performed this one exercise you must rest that muscle group from high intensity exercise for the appropriate amount of time (2 to 8 weeks). also once you worked up to the max during the exercise YOU STOP. if you dont stop and try to perform a few more sets (even with lower weight) you risk injury because you are no longer in peak condition, you should already be resting. low intensity workout: you perform light warm up, or light stretching. you start doing singles ( or doubles or triples, but not more than that ) starting from about 30% of your max and moving up in weight with every set until the weight starts feeling quite heavy. once you feel like you are making an effort to lift the weight you stop increasing the weight and start adding the reps. with each set you reduce the weight and/or add the reps such that by the end of each set you are roughly HALF-WAY to failure but never get close to it. you finish with a giant superset in which you lift continuously for perhaps 100 reps while lowering the weight so you're always away from failure. you stop whenever you feel like lowering the weight further will not help you stay clear from failure. important - you must stop on your own, you cannot allow yourself to run into failure on ANY of the sets of the low intensity workout including the superset with which you end it. after the low intensity workout you should feel like after doing some light cardio. you may feel a little sore in your muscles but at the same time you should feel energized overall rather than depressed. my claim is that such a system would optimally load all systems and also allow for optimal recovery and produce a body that both looks and performs. i would like to hear your comments and speculations regarding this ... so the system that im proposing would be an alternative to the periodization scheme in which you pretty much use same kind of workouts all the time but every 6 weeks or so your intensity peaks and then for a few weeks you go to a lower intensity.
  6. at any given point in history

    AT ANY GIVEN POINT IN HISTORY PEOPLE HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD THAT THEY ARE OPPRESSED, THIS IS SOMETHING YOU LEARN ( Noam Chomsky says this in his movie "imperial grand strategy" ) i believe this is an EXTREMELY important point and of course almost nobody understands this ( otherwise it would not be true ). people have a what seems to be an innate tendency to take things for granted and this tendency is VERY STRONG and it is what allows governments to enslave people. the way it works is instead of asking the question "what is the best way to do things" people always ask a different question instead, namely "what is the usual way to do things" ... in that statement there is an IMPLIED ASSUMPTION that the usual way is the best way WHICH IS A FUCKING GATEWAY FOR EVERY KIND OF OPPRESSION IMAGINABLE because it tells you that you can do anything you want to people and they will comply as long as you tell them that this is how things are usually done ... i bet if you were to ask people to what extent our society is flawed and asked them to express their answer as a percentage most people would probably give something like 20% when its more like 90% and if you asked them WHAT is wrong with our society they would probably say that gas is too expensive or real estate is too expensive and the reason they would say this is because THESE THINGS CHANGED RECENTLY but nobody would find anything wrong with things that have been going on since before they were born ... for example most drugs are banned JUST BEFORE they become popular and this is the reason people ACCEPT it AS IF it makes sense. alcohol was the USUAL deal and that is why attempts to ban it fell flat on their ass around the world. all should meditate on this and question the *usual* more, in fact CONSTANTLY
  7. teach children the truth

    totalitarian governments understand the importance of raping the minds of children in government-run "educational" facilities. in a country such as USA this very same raping of the defenceless minds is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than it ever was under Stalin or Hitler because at least in THEORY these children MIGHT have some representation by their government one day. on the other hand politically dissenting intellectuals FAIL TO TAP INTO these same minds where the war may be won or lost. NOAM CHOMSKY understands this and that is why he tours COLLEGES because those are the youngest people that he CAN ACCESS and that is where he can make the most difference. however, ideally the war of ideology should be fought over the minds of much younger people than college students ( where the government is fighting it, as by the time individual makes it to (possibly private) college the government already released him (from public school system) and most of their indoctrination already took place by that time ). remember, the government knows that you're never too young to be showered with propaganda, in fact, the younger the better ... if you can say "america" you're old enough to be indoctrinated. now the POINT THAT IM GETTING AT is that dissenting intellectuals should FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. you all know young people whose parents are idiots and every once in a while you should take a couple minutes to talk to them about things like why 1 in 5 americans cant find america on the map ... by the way if you didnt know the answer to the above question its because the government of USA is actively fighting democracy and the less people know about the world (being able to find country on a map) the more they stay out of the way of dictatorship ...
  8. most of you would agree that TOO MANY PEOPLE fail to recognize the obvious things (such as why we're in Iraq). when a person starts to ponder WHY or HOW this situation came about the first conclusion that they come to is the root cause of the problem is STUPIDITY. when they continue to study the subject they begin to see that it is not so much stupidity as it is IGNORANCE caused by DELIBERATE DISINFORMATION. but as you continue to think about this you realize that even the combination of the above two mechanisms is STILL INSUFFICIENT to really explain how so many people manage to be oblivious to the obvious. the missing link in the solution to this riddle is realizing HOW UTTERLY PATHETIC AND WEAK the psychology of a person really is. you have to understand that DENIAL IS CENTRAL to most people. the ROOT cause (imho) is not the lack of information and not the lack of processing capability in a brain but UNWILLINGNESS TO PUT REALITY BEFORE A MORE APPEALING STORY. religion for example is NOT an incredibly clever scheme designed by some uber-intellectual men to outwit the severely disadvantaged (in terms of IQ) brethren. it is a rather primitive work of bullshit that FILLS PERFECTLY (WITH AN EMPTY PROMISE) THE VOID IN THE SOULS OF THE PATHETICALLY WEAK WHO DESPERATELY NEED A LIE TO HANG ONTO. the way you come to this conclusion is by arguing with people. first you can identify those who are complete retards and simply not talk to them any further. moving on to those who have the capacity for basic logic you can identify the facts that they do not have straight pretty quickly and correct that in their heads by presenting them with evidence. once you did that what you will find in the majority (perhaps overwhelming majority) of cases is that when you should be almost there (in terms of making the person see the light, so to speak) you are really as far from it as when you started ... because the person will simply REFUSE to see it. now im sure all of you have experiences such as another person losing a game or a bet and refusing to admit that they lost. and it is UNDERSTANDABLE when a person refuses to admit the truth in the case when admitting that truth directly hurts that person. for example if you bet 100 bucks and lost you may try to act like you didnt lose because you really dont want to give up that 100 bucks ... this is not necessarily a weakness, it could just be that youre a fucking piece of shit. on the other hand when a person deliberately denies truth TO HIMSELF ... now thats fucking disgusting ... and based on my experience this is the PREFERRED or PREDOMINANT mode of function for people. this is to say that people do not differentiate between facts, ideas or beliefs and between truth and fantasy ... people simply look at some statement and decide if they like it or not ... then they accept it if they like it and reject if they do not. in this fashion they proceed to construct their own personal reality based on like or dislike and REASON is plain REJECTED when it interferes with the like/dislike decision making process. for the longest time i saw examples of this and i simply could not understand it ... and i still cant, but i can no longer deny that this is how peoples minds work. so whenever you analyze public opinion, etc. do not forget this extremely important aspect because if you try to think of the public in terms of ignorance and stupidity alone you will never be able to fully appreciate the extent to which they are detached from reality ...
  9. SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT is exactly right and thats as far as it goes and Dubya is supposed to represent Jesus' values ... i guess thats reason enough for everybody to love him lets go to some iraqi hospital and find some children with their legs blown off by a grenade then explain to them that they HAVE TO love dubya because he represents everything that is good in this world and we're not gona take no for an answer, after all, HOW DARE THEY not accept the love of Jesus ?
  10. being an immigrant ( coming to USA from the former soviet union ) i have never, in the past, thought there was anything wrong about this phrase that gets liberally used. i would reason as follows - i came here out of my own free will, i can always go back to Ukraine and if im staying here then obviously i must like something here. i no longer think this way. having been a US citizen for a couple years and not having been to Ukraine in eleven years i no longer think of myself as an immigrant, i just think of myself as American. i learned to think of myself as American but i never learned to love it because i was fortunate enough not to be here in the early childhood years when a mind is most easily brainwashed with such sentiments. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS EXACTLY WRONG WITH NOT LIKING IT ? WHO EVER SAID THAT A CITIZEN IS NOT ALLOWED TO DISLIKE HIS COUNTRY ? WHY IS IT WHEN ANYBODY GETS ACCUSED OF NOT BEING A PATRIOT THEY BECOME DEFENSIVE AND INVARIABLY START SAYING THINGS LIKE "I LOVE AMERICA I JUST DONT LIKE THIS ONE LITTLE THING IM PROTESTING AGAINST" ? i know a lot of people who would move to places like SWEDEN, FRANCE OR GERMANY in a heartbeat if they had any family there or were fluent in the language. WHY IS EVERY AMERICAN FORCED TO PROCLAIM THAT AMERICA IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD ? WHO HAS MADE IT A CRIME TO THINK OTHERWISE ? when i was applying for citizenship there was a question such as 'if our country was attacked or whatever would you fight for it?" and YOU HAVE TO ANSWER YES. now, naturally i didnt like this one bit but I ACTUALLY ACCEPT THIS PART because i acknowledge that citizenship is not free and assuming that citizenship offers some protections for the person then the person should also offer protection for the nation. I ACCEPT THAT PART. BUT NOT THE PART WHERE I AM FORCED TO LOVE MY NATION EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO APPARENT REASON FOR IT ! somehow, somebody got all of us to accept these very strange terms of debate where it is PRE-SUPPOSED that everybodu MUST love this place. if you want to argue that our health care is fucked you always have to start out the argument with "I LOVE AMERICA BUT" WHY ? why the need for "i love america" part ? how the F*** did they manage to get everybody to accept this BULLSHIT why are we in a situation where a person is AFRAID of being called ANTI-AMERICAN ? is ANTI-AMERICAN as bad as being CHILD RAPIST ? what does anti-amerian mean ? anti-american could mean for example thinking that being a citizen of FRANCE is better than being a citizen of USA. BUT ITS NOT LIKE A PERSON HAS A FUCKING CHOICE AS FAR AS WHAT NATION TO BE A CITIZEN OF !!! these fucktards got everything exactly backwards. if i could leave to be a citizen of France or Sweden or Germany i would not be bothered with improving America. and they put the argument this way - "if you want to improve america you have to leave it and never come back" does anybody find anything wrong with that logic ? THIS NOTION/STATEMENT IS ONE OF THE ROOT CAUSES OF MOST OF THE TROUBLES EXPERIENCED BY THIS NATION this statement was ingeniously designed to ensure that "evil" will always triumph over "good" statements such as this or "support our troops" are designed to make it SHAMEFUL to use the facility of reason. never allow anybody to tell you that using reason can be shameful under any circumstances because once you accept this one bit it is the beginning of the end.
  11. "America has to commit suicide

    ye. they also usually say if you dont like it here go somewhere else. RIGHT like they are already waiting for me in sweden or france. im gona make a new thread about this ...
  12. "America has to commit suicide

    the problem is it cannot come true (unfortunately). nations do not commit suicide. the reality is more like USA versus humanity. in the end there can be only one ... or none. if USA is a cancer on the face of the planet then the planet is going to have to actively fight it ... something i don't think is realistic. sorry. i dont see any solution.
  13. SICKO

    i recommend this film to any of you who ( like me ) happen to live in america i think this one strikes a good balance between being informative and entertaining download it if you have to then discuss ...
  14. ok then, looks like im gona have to stick to under armor LOL
  15. the only t-shirts i can buy locally are either the white 99 cent variety that are always too small, or shirts with some stupid graphic that i dont want to wear i can buy good shirts online but those run $20 and more a piece, and there is no reason for me to wear them when im sitting at home on the internet im trying to find something BETWEEN the original and/or brand name $20 shirts and the too-small $0.99 white ones ... basically something like 5 dollar solid color XXL size t-shirts that i could order online and wear at home ... does anything like this exist ?