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  1. Can any of you assholes post?

    Holy Crap! I was doing a search and this forum popped up. What the Hell??
  2. Amp Bottles vs. sample packs vs. tiral packs

    It just depends on the type of stimulation that you are talking about
  3. Amp Bottles vs. sample packs vs. tiral packs

    Well, the effects seemed to wear off around 7:30 or so, but I did not have the munchies, which is usually a problem with me in the evenings. Had no trouble sleeping. Going to experiment some this upcoming weekend. Long weekend + no kids + camping with friends + AMP = a pretty wild weekend!
  4. Ergolean AMP

    Check out my experience in the feedback forum under trial vs bottle post. WOW!
  5. Amp Bottles vs. sample packs vs. tiral packs

    Can't quite describe the way that I am feeling now. Hubby and I were just discussing in in the back yard. Took a ride up to the store a little bit ago and the feeling of the wind blowing was just so calming. This is almost a euphoric type feeling...just a sense of calm and well being. Going to go jump in the shower, which should be quite an experience with the way that I am feeling now. Planning on chilling in front of the fire pit tonight, drinking some wine, and just mellowing out. I will chime in tomorrow on how I slept. P.S. I did call and order more. Rarely have I done that with other products that I have tried.
  6. Amp Bottles vs. sample packs vs. tiral packs

    Alright...so an hour after the full numbness started, it has subsided (except for my teeth). I kinda liked it but could not imagine going through an entire day like that. Just went out in the garage and punched the bag for a bit. White Stripes 7 Nation Army was on...a great song to keep beat to.
  7. Amp Bottles vs. sample packs vs. tiral packs

    I just got my AMP in the mail today (ordered I think on Tuesday). Much faster than the 7-10 days I was told...YEAH!! Had just finished lunch when they came. Took 2 right about 2pm. About 2:30 I was starting to feel them. I was just about to go outside and start working on my bumper (I have an older RV with a severely rusted bumper that I am trying to restore) when they kicked in. About the same time the boys decied they wanted to try out the weights in the garage (we have 2 boys plus 2 across the street that come hang out here). The 13Y/O from across the street is going to play foorball next year and they are already starting training. Anyways...I was out there showing them how to punch the bag and also showing different lifts on the bench. In between working on the bumper I was spotting him. Let me tell you...the kid looks like he should be in college. If you remember for a previous post, I have been in a rut, with barely enough energy to make it home from work. Well, 2 hours have passed and I have no idea where the time went. I am wanting to go out in the garage and do a full work out, if not just go crazy on the bag a little. My face is feeling a little numb (kinda like when I drink tequila), and I am sweating a bit. My hands/fingers are a bit numb too. Gave 2 to the hubby and he has been outside doing yard work. He is reporting the numbness, too. Thnink I am going to give Vitamin Shoppe a call and get some more of these. Last thing I want to do is run out and then there be a shortage (seeing as there is not a huge supply of this to begin). I will say, of all of the stuff that I have tried since ephedra has been off the market, I am really liking this. Hoping that the tolerance does not build up too quickly (I will stick to the 3x per week). Gonna have to turn my neighbor on to them.... Thumbs up!!
  8. Primaforce Lab Tests

    Not to be a fussy-butt, but do you test for other things besides actives? I do not see where they are testing degradation products or impuritites, which is more of a test of quality than just the active being there. What about OVI's? JMHO.
  9. Ergolean AMP

    Have not had much success with Hoodia. Even had one product give me major stomach pains, but don't know if it was something else it was combined with. Much of the appetite thing right now is stress (had a bunch of things happen in a short time), which is also leading to the lethargy. Just don't have it in me at the end of the work day to work out. But then I am feeling tired and worn out beacuse I am not working out. And then the tired and worn out makes me crave carbs....one big viscious cycle. Looking to get out of this funk and get myself back on track, but I need a serious push. I am hoping AMP will give me the motivation when I get home to get out into the garage and lift.
  10. Ergolean AMP

    Who told you 7-10 days? (They said mine, ordered yesterday, would be in the mail today.) (I know, "The AMP is in the mail." ) 243382[/snapback] When I placed the order, this is what I was told. Not sure of who I talked to (namewise). I am hoping that since I am in Cleveland, it may be here quicker than others. I figured with free shipping I should not complain. BUT...I WILL be intensely watching my mail. BTW, used to use ECA stacks. Loved some, hated others. I have found that many of the "new improved" formulas actually make me spacey...cannot connect the thoughts. Not really a good thing when you are working around chemicals (even though I am out of Biotech and into ceramics now). Have been struggling with appetite and lethargy and based on what I have read, this may be my ticket.
  11. Ergolean AMP

    I just ordered mine today directly from ergopharm. Hoping that all that I have read about this product works for me. Now I just have to wait 7-10 days....argh!