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    Heuristics and apotheosis<br /><br />Basically, talking a lot of shit then backing it up.
  1. Banned From M&M

    So this is where exiles and other cool kids can hang out without fear of board sponsor-induced reprisal?
  2. M&M Forums

    IE won't work... and I don't have any other browsers.
  3. Mifepristone

    Were there any doctors pushing mifepristone as a solution to your problem? Or did you bring it up?
  4. M&M Forums

    It means: "Go back to Avant!"
  5. M&M Forums

    I concur.
  6. Mifepristone

    I can relate to the PH-related shits. If the hormone-BC is so bad, why not just opt for an IUD? Is the menses that bad?
  7. Credibility.

    Generate a reputation for credibility through a history of credible argumentation. Of course, there is no guarantee that a history of credible argumentation isn't a ploy to build a credible reputation for the purpose of succeeding in future disingenuous actions.
  8. Mifepristone

    Why not just use the usual low dose estrogen/progesterone pills like most girls?
  9. Mifepristone

    Isn't mifepristone an abortifacient?
  10. I would absolutely love to see a full hormone panel.
  11. Whatever LSD does to your mind, its permanent. Be prudent. It won't make you smarter. Don't fall into a cycle of self-delusion. It will make you look at things differently, however. Whether this different perspective is better than your old perspective is debatable.
  12. I am 6'1", and my wingspan is substantial. My bicep muscle belly is not big and bunchy, its more long and sinewy. I can (barbell, not preacher) curl 115. But my arms aren't freakishly large.
  13. Lowering Libido?

    Does a wet dream imply failure?
  14. Ok, here is a theory. I am a physics person. The circulatory is a fluid dynamic system. Basically, every human's heart is about the same size. Any bigger or smaller (hypertrophy/atrophy) and you get electrical disturbances. Electrical disturbances can kill you (Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome.) But if you have a bigger body with more tissue on it, (i.e. bodybuilders or big-fat-fuckers) your heart works harder, even though that tissue is muscle and not fat. We all get old eventually. A constant strain on the pump will eventually lead to problems, whether the origin of that strain is excess fat, or excess muscle. Mass is mass (I am talking competition bodybuilders here, not your typical athlete.) Even Freakzilla pays the piper sooner or later.
  15. 6'7" 365 lbs would be a really high BMI. I know BMI doesn't really apply to athletes, but still: tissue is tissue, and it strains the pump. Dangerous? Maybe not immediately, but in the long run it could cause some issues.