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  1. Why are hippies so vocal and active??

    That's just idiotic.
  2. if you dont like it here - move somewhere else

    If America is supposed to represent getting lied to so that we get ass fucked while the rich get it all, I'm not real happy about that. Sure, our nation has been violent it's whole existance. That does not imply, nor should it be understood the population knew or agreed with this behaviour. And I'll agree that in almost all cases, if not all, the American public was lied to ..to be persuaded to go to war. I think by now every one sees what the IRAQ war was not about, and is aware of the various lies that were told to get us there and by whome those very specific lies were provided. Iran whats to be heard. We tell the world by the way we act, that if you don't have nukes, we don't listen to you and we may well destroy you. But, if you have nukes, you too can sit at the table where adults are. Now, considering your a reasonable and rational leader in any country, and you look after your people, at some point you realize it's to your detriment to not have nukes and quite to your advantage to have nukes. To employ a strategy that in the end achieves your objectives, whether it be by the threat of terrorism or what ever, is simply "intelligent." It;s what we do, so how can we not expect others to do the same, such as IRAN. And let's all recall that we not innocent in these regions. There was once a day when if an Arab gave you his word, it was more solid than any written document. Like the indians, many were once very good people, than over night, the enemy. That 's the past, but it's relevant. However, lets recall the context being "American Ideals" and things that Represent America and What America does or should represent/symbolize. I'm still interested in what you stated about american ideals and what america should represent. I think if you see the Moore film (which is not pro clinton or pro democrat or anti republican,) you might understand more closely what George was saying. For example, Moore points out one of two of those highly held conservative "strong points" after completely eviserating the health care system, the politicians who have turned thier elected offices into gold, and simply asks "what has happened in America?" One clip is from the nixon white house where Nixon discusses what is now the HMOs and he states clearly that the way it works is by denying health care to folks. The next day he gives a speech where he says something quite different in the camera. (IF you say the WACO documentary, it was the same thing, these politicans hardly ever tell the truth) The moore film should make any American...just really pissed...he points out.. again, the context is ..American Ideals and such... I mean the following list is not comprehensive, but damn, it is quite damning and if you love your family, you should really just be pissed (in the film there were a number of people who died while the HMOs denied treatment that was likely to help - in one case denying treatment becase a brain tumor is not considered life threatening) he points out that the US -- is #37 or 38 rated in Idustrialized countries. -- that various third world countries have lower infant mortality rates than we -- All western industrialized countries -- thier citizens live longer than we do -- that the poorest britan lives longer than the richest american. -- that all western industrialized countries except the US has socialized medicine -- that all the socialized medicine fears told by the AMA (and then via the media to us) do not appear to be true ...at any level at all... -- that even CUBA with little or no resources has medical care far superior for all it's citizens - and any one who happens to come through the door, just like Canada. -- that while all the other countries typically enjoy free college educations, free health care and are taxed heavily for it, the people live quite well and have fantastically high number of days off. I think perhaps, someone should view the film and ask those same questions. I'm sure there a few refutations, but imagine having never to worry about the hospital bill and imagine having a hospital just around the corner and image a doctor practicing under than constant stress and not having to ever be told "no" by an HMO. Imagine that if a doctor wants to try one method as another is failing, no HMO stops him- they continue untill they can't. If America is supposed to represent getting lied to so that we get ass fucked while the rich get it all, I'm not real happy about that.
  3. Call someone a faggot and go into "rehab"

    I told you piractame may have adverse effects...lol from the fantastic four : FLAME ON! btw..was that a gay thing with the FanFour? I mean, i never get the hidden gay things in the movies. That X-men movie was rumored to have gay sub themes or some such. I feel...so...left out...whah!
  4. if you dont like it here - move somewhere else

    Perhaps you'd like to elaborate on the following questions: what is America supposed to represent? what are American Ideals? I wonder if you think the typical American (less than a college education, who has never studied the founding of our nation, knows not Locke or the concept of liberal, misunderstands the true impact of Lincolns betrayal, who fails to understand that the electoral college system was a specific act to defeat true democracy, who generally believes that the US is a democracy etc..) has the same ideals as the fat cat lawyers who make up the legislative and judicial branches? Which would be more representative of your term "American Ideals?" I don't think America was ever meant to represent a generally ignorant robotic war loving foolish populace (the great beast.) Nationalism is justified by the same reason you love your family? So should you find your country doing what Germany did to the Jews you would say "my country right or wrong?" According to you, one should not even identify that it is wrong and if they did they'd be Anti-German, rather than anti-Hitler? Sorry, but nationalism is not natural, it is a result of continued propaganda and fear mongering. No country simply becomes nationalistic overnight or accidentally. Ironically, this is the kind of stuff I was warned against when I was young. Our church taught us that this is the sort of thing that happens in the USSR. today...I LOL at what I was told then Look at any data set in history, find such a country and then look at the progression. The need to persuade Americans to fight WW1 became real because most Americans were pacifists, or at least those who were to fight. Most or a great number, felt that their duty was to god and they'd let god take of it. Back in that day, the prevailing notion of Christianity came right out of Matthew. My, have time changed huh? A campaign of propaganda ensued and was quite successful, awing those who put it in effect. In short, nationalism became a tax payer funded operation turning the citizens of the US into what they are now - war loving freaks who are in love with their military and ask little or no tough questions regarding the use of force around the world. And yeah, they love their hate filled god who tells them to kill and pray for better jobs, returns on their investments, etc.. Not sure what part of the bible that come from, but it isn't from Matthew or the NT or OT. At different times America represented different things to different people. At one time most people in the world didn't dislike us because when we robbed and stole from smaller countries, we often made things better for the general populace, and the "larger good" was perceived. Military tactics resulted in little losses and had the support of the people. In relative terms, small wars became cheap and thus you see Vietnam, you see IRAQ. Now, as we seek to demonstrate that we will obliterate the landscape, rape and torture the citizens, leaving a literal hell in the after math, the world perceives those acts as American acts. Our purpose in the specific tactics, strategies are fairly clear. You either have to believe *all* our agencies are totally incapable of deducing the simplest of things, or that the particular effects were planned for.
  5. Call someone a faggot and go into "rehab"

    1) The first born (from all periods of history) tends to seek social approval. That is, they appear to please that which society, as a whole, smiles upon. You are more likely to see the first born graduate than you would the later born. There are various factors that comprise this fact. So, should such have homosexual inclinations, the first born (in modern western societies) would also be more likely to conceal such, as homosexuality is at this time certainly not something that society smiles upon. 2) Later born’s cannot be characterized as seeking social approval. As such later borns, with homosexual inclinations, would be less likely than first borns to conceal. It would not be surprising if more first borns are homosexually inclined than later borns. In fact, I suspect it would have to be that way. And while there has always been a certain percentage (approx. 10%) of any significant population being homosexual, it appears that the act of homosexuality and sexual inclinations are rooted in more in terms of nurture than nature. Restated: While the 10% figure suggests nature, other evidence indicates sexual behaviors are heavily influenced. if not dictacted, by nurture. Consider the various past societies such as the Romans, the Greeks etc., and smaller groups such as the Samurai. Clearly, if you are born into a world where all men have sex with other men, your inclinations on sexual matters would be quite different than if born into a world where all men are having sex exclusively with women. Thus, your sexual behaviour is determined more by the society you grew up in and what others do or did, then that provided by nature.
  6. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    In Texas (Paris), a white teenager burns down her family's home and receives probation. A black one shoves a hall monitor and gets 7 years in prison.
  7. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    Personal msg sent.
  8. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    My grandmother was a young girl when slaves were let go. Do you think the problem of slavery ended when slavery ended? my god man, segregation ended in my lifetime.
  9. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    I turned it on once (oddly, the day prior to this topic being posted and quite by accident), it appeared to be geared toward the younger folks (it's teenage madness) - I was thinking like pre-teenagers. Apparently not.
  10. Stating the obvious

    Yeah, and I got the other parts wrong too...oh well.
  11. Stating the obvious

    I recall the question "what does mean .. mean.." in Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance... that's what blew the author away...the final straw... I think what brought him back was the realization the socrates utilized sophism to attack sophism and what this implied about socrates true belief...this was the first speck of light that allowed sanity to come back. I don't know. I can't see modern man living without having some purpose.
  12. Stating the obvious

    Wolves have no feathers...but we lick our wounds..lol and..sorry to you, I know how it is to get all juiced up and then get the let down. Thanks for the recommendation - i will seek it out. Right now, I'm on a contract and it's taking all my time just to keep up. But it's a godsend so I'm quite happy to do what I'm doing (very pleased...)
  13. Stating the obvious

    I'd say what would be the point of religion or philosophy (from an individual perspective) if not to provide meaning..and thus purpose of life or behaviour. In short, such a thing would define whether or not enjoying life is fundamental, or doing good for others (although not inconsistent) - should one live to obtain toys, or to produce tribes or to lead or to exist and leave no foot prints.....and of course from this, government forms..views ... Thanks RAS, and spook (even if I misunderstood your purpose) for making me actually put into proper terms what I'm actually thinking...lol perhaps circular is not doing the work I wanted it to do... I'll get back with you on this and perhaps gain an education or some new terms...
  14. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    Yeah, you sound like you would enjoy a Chomsky read. His perception is that slavery didn't end because it bothered people's morals - it ended due to economic forces which indicated it was no longer advantageous to keep slaves. And the same goes for women's inclusion into the work force (in greater numbers, and greater rights.) I think you are missing a point - there are no unwanted kids - those kids are wanted...by the US every 20 years to fight some war when war becomes cheap., to populate prisons (a business venture), to vote for morons. They like to bitch that kids are unwanted, but they want to dumb and the ignorant to continue to populate, but they don't want to treat them like humans, but cattle on the other hand works just as well. Would you also like to see those the reap the best that America has to offer, be educated as to their responsibility to the lower and less privileged? It's clear that in the service, people in the ranks, and their behaviour reflect greatly that which is messaged from the top. At first, I thought it completely ironic that Bush promoted that baby brain company in his sotu speech. Here we have a company pimping a known debunked concept (the Mozart effect) to parents who are willing to spend loads of money to give their children the slightest edge or otherwise better their lives, and just taking it in. So Bush promoted theft from parents as one of the best company's of the recent past--A model for other Americans...how utterly ...right on target.