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  1. Morality

    Again another post where I stop posting and the conversation just stops....LOL
  2. why is there something insted of nothing

    WOW What happened to all you shade tree academics? I guess the Admin and the other self appointed brains got tired of trying to think instead of respond to my posts... Thinking is hard, but to just give up the topic all together?....I'm not impressed guys...LOL
  3. why is there something insted of nothing

    So back to the original question "why is there something instead of nothing. I think Gods only purpose is to create. The only way to create is to create something..instead of nothing. But that doesn't satisfy the problem of how can there be a God if, before he/she created the relative /Metaphysical plane, there was nothing. At lest nothing physical. And who/what created God. I think in order for God to be a God of creation God had to come from creation, a product of creation. Just to clarify myself: I feel evolution is part of any creation.
  4. Morality

    Funny isn't it, even in discussing the right and wrong of morality.. there is no right or wrong.
  5. Morality

    No I,m not saying emotions arise by simple will. I believe its is both normal and natural for humans(us...LOL Im human too) to be loving and caring. If that is true (that humans are loving by nature), why do they/us have to have a moral code...what happened to our natural tendencies? We Learn to compete, to judge, to hate, to get even.... thats my point. In recent experiments with infant monkey babies where taken away from there mother at birth and never given a chance to nurse or have any contact with another monkey. Resulting in a very dysfunctional ,withdrawn adult monkey. I don't think any animal is totally "hardwired" to have any behavior as you suggest. Emotions, social conduct, as well as aggression and lack of empathy is a behavior that must be taught. I've said it before: In the absence of that which is not, that which is-- is not. Remember my white room analogy.
  6. Morality

    No I think you way of with a biological moral link. That view is to simplistic. As far as how I feel... that is taught. Im taught what to fear, what to find pleasure in and how to think. Morality is a learned behavior. much like prejudices are learned. If we all went on how we feel as the basis of our morality, then we as a species would still be in caves. There will come a time when our species becomes evolved enough to exist without laws to govern our behavior but not today.
  7. Morality

    I have not considered a link between morality and any biological origin. If there is in fact a biological Etiology to moral law, it may have something to do with the fear of biological death. Death and (the fear there of)in fact does set a precedent to all law. I don't feel it is the origin. Fear would be IMO the origin to many laws of our early ancestors. The fear of retribution of a GOD or Gods is a true origin to our current laws. I think your saying there is a kind of instinct much like what many mammals are born with, that dictates behavior. Humans have grown far more intellectually than to be governed by a biological instinct. Most men would agree that a male instinct would be to have sex with any woman they are attracted to. Our law forbids such behavior. So I would have to say, for the most part, our society has set up its standards of values according to function, ie. "what works" for the greater good of all rather than a biological impulse to act in a given manner. We have far to go as a species as far as learning about "what works" for the common good. Our governments need to learn that if you have a hammer and hit your neighbors toe he will get a bigger hammer and strike yours. In other words if we learn what we do or fail to do to/for another we as a society do or fail to do to ourselves. I'm not saying your wrong, but I disagree in regards to a biological imperative.
  8. Morality

    But morals change over time. Morals of 2-3 thousand years ago would not be viewed the same today. My point is we are making it all up as we go. The discussion logically leads to one of theology as the standard. According to Wikipedia encyclopedia: Judeo-Christian is a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity, and typically considered (sometimes along with classical Greco-Roman civilization) a fundamental basis for Western legal codes and moral values. In particular, the term refers to the common Old Testament/Tanakh (which is a basis of both moral traditions, including particularly the Ten Commandments); and implies a common set of values present in the modern Western World. Our morals are decided by a standard by which most of our society agree upon. And THAT is the key. We must agree.Do we as a whole agree to those standards. Yet in each society those standards change or alter to varying degrees. It is the views/common perspective, which see a thing as right or wrong...not the act, word or thought themselves. Does it serve society to make the taking of a life wrong: Yes Does it serve a government to make taking of a life right in times of war: Yes Then logic dictates the act of taking a life or any act, be it viewed good or bad, is not in and of itself. Moral principle is a state of human perspective not ultimate reality. In the beginning post it was stated in his opinion that "religion is a tool of morality". I think it is the opposite.
  9. Morality

    A thing is not right or wrong in and of itself. Is murder wrong if a killing happens during a war or in self defense? Is murder wrong if the act is in revenge to an offense? If the situation dictates the morality of the act thought or word then the thing is not inherently right or wrong in and of its self. If murder occurs in revenge or just for "kicks? does that serve you? The answer is obvious. The act of murder is not right or wrong in and of itself. did the act serve you? Depends on what your trying to do. Many elderly lay wasting away in nursing home all across this country. These residents have no chance of regaining a viable independent life. Yet Our medical institutions keep these people alive at all cost. Its viewed as Immoral to let grandma or grandpa die in peace, to end the suffering. Feeding tubes and round the clock nursing care keep their bodies alive. Is it good to keep them alive? is it right to allow that life to continue? We would put a dog or horse down in such conditions but not our aging parents. Is it moral to keep one alive in such conditions? Depends on what your trying to do. Murder or life just is. Is it the "situation" that determines its rightness or wrongness and not the act itself? If your going from NY to Florida and travel to Kansas on the way. is it right or wrong? Does it serve you to go through Kansas? depends on what your trying to do.
  10. Morality

    Here we go again. UBAN ACHIEVER never has anything to contribute..unless I post. I hope you don't think I take you seriously Urban. If your intent was to have fun by killing your parents, then find it wasn't, what have you learned? All actions has consequences. You may have had fun chopping up mom and dad. Ask your self why you did it. and Did you have the mental competence to realize it was none "right" according to the current laws. knowing that you would suffer the consequences for your action, yet went ahead with your actions, then your just a fool. Beside constantly trashing every post I make... try just giving you opinions of your own...I know you'll have to think for a change.. but hey..give it a try. If Hitler was one of your parents then would your actions have been without consequence? Well, you say that would be the exception to the rules if I killed Hitler. A rule is not a rule if it has exceptions.
  11. why is there something insted of nothing

    The point was, you are, by definition, only relative to that which is around you. you define yourself by your environment/Relative plane. You are a male. but you only know this because the thing called female exists. Light would not be a quantifiable thing if it where not for darkness. What of heat if it where not of cold and so forth. We live in the relative plane where all relationships are Diads. In the spiritual real all thing are triads. There is not relative experiences in that realm because all things are one. All things are known. God can only experience Its self through that which he created on the relative plane.
  12. Morality

    The American Indians are losers. So are they Bad? Religions have caused HARMONY? It has caused just the opposite. Most all wars are based on Idealogical/Religious disputes. Religion is I agree a control tool. Religion uses Fear based myths to control its subjects. Morality is a conception made up by man to justify what he is trying to do at any given moment. Nothing is inherently Good or bad. Depending on what your trying to do. a thing is bad if it fails to give you a desired result. If I want to drive from New York to Florida is it wrong to drive to Kansas first. Depends on what your trying to do. If doing, thinking, saying a thing does not serve you then it is not correct. Man has decided what is moral. Not GOD. It used to be wrong to not eat fish on Friday, then the Church said its OK. It used to be wrong for a woman to be a priest, then the church says its ok. Morality is made up. Created as we go along. The Gay issue will change in time. The Stem cell issue will change in time. All moral issues change. GOD does not change, or so the church says. All our societal morality standards come from our religious beliefs...supposedly. And that is part of the problem, our religious beliefs are based on 2 thousand year old standards.
  13. Morality

  14. why is there something insted of nothing

    Whatever. I'll post my opinions as will anyone else. If you find my comments beneath you then don't reply to them. Ubanachiever likes them it gives him something to say, he has nothing else to contribute to the discussion other than picking a few of my posts apart. And the post about the white room was not meant to be a cerebral commentary, just a simple analogy to get a point across, sorry it pushed your buttons.
  15. why is there something insted of nothing

    You can be frank or sally, be my guest. My views are another opinion. Unlike Urban achiever's views of "I don't understand" or Negative comments. The problem with most of your views is your dealing with the non-physical realm in this forum. There is no sophisticated/scientific studies to back up your opinions or mine. So we all are just giving shade tree opinions ..admitted or not. I always find it amusing to find experts on anabolic forums that claim there expertise in an OFF forum... if your soooo sophisticated in this field, why come to a steroid board to post your great mindful thoughts? Its do to lack of self esteem to post on a true scientific forum. But, you keep these gym rats thinking your smart my friend FRANK...LOL