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  1. Hormones

    Antipsychotics make you fat! Personally I'd rather be thin and hear voices.
  2. Best inside Krishnamurti joke ever

    http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=15188352 "Occupation: definitely not a spiritual guru" lol!!
  3. "Authorities investigating Smith's death retrieved a "large amount" of prescription medicine from her hotel room, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation said. The sources did not characterize any of the drugs as illegal. The prescription drugs were reportedly in the name of her lawyer and boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, and included Valium and antibiotics. Over-the-counter drugs, including cold and flu medicines, also reportedly were found." "In an interview with The Associated Press, Rale said Smith had been sick for several days with a fever and was still depressed over the death of her son. Meanwhile, "Entertainment Tonight's" Mark Steines, the last person to interview her, told CNN that Smith had to be placed in an ice bath Tuesday after her fever reached 105 degrees. "
  4. Methadone itself is also a CYP2D6 inhibitor. And if he had allergies, first-gen antihistamines are as well (ie diphenhydramine). (not surprising, given that SSRIs were developed from them) And finally, about 6-10% of caucasians have impaired metabolization of CYP2D6... seems like if him and his mother shared that genetic trait that might explain a lot.
  5. iv cocaine

    Excitement and fleeting sense pleasure aren't happiness, but only lead to enslavement to sense pleasure and excitement, craving and seeking more. They have no cites for that... what the fuck does "amphetamine-like" mean? Bupropion is a mild dopaminergic with almost no abuse potential. It's not even scheduled. Cocaine abusers generally have two, maybe three problems: 1. Cocaine addiction (duh) 2. ADD / shitty dopaminergic tone predisposing them to #1 sometimes 3. Depression (which cocaine is also good for) So what does bupropion do? 1. Bupropion has been proven in human studies to treat the physical dependence and lessen cravings for cocaine 2. Bupropion has been proven in human studies to treat ADHD symptoms and improve dopaminergic tone, the underlying reason for taking the cocaine in many cases 3. Bupropion has been proven in human studies to treat depression And you can try to do lines or inject it if you want, but you're not going to get high. Unless "high" is having seizures while unconscious. So it treats the addiction, the reasons underlying the addiction, the side effects of the addiction, all while not being abusable. Now that's a fine pharmaceutical.
  6. That is incorrect; at least 5 studies have shown it increases DA in humans. More detail here: http://www.mindandmuscle.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=27492
  7. iv cocaine

    Somehow, that seemed appropriate. Isn't purifying cocaine that will defile your mind and body a bit ironic, anyway? Go get an Rx for bupropion or something while you still can. IV cocaine will only lead to suffering, not happiness.
  8. Cocaine

    Indeed. The Tao Te Ching specifically states violence should be used if you are forced to do so, and the Baghavad Gita is one long argument from Krishna as to why someone should go to war. And of course, samurai stabbed bitches. The point Krishna makes in the Gita is that you take the "natural" path of action yoga, divesting yourself of the fruit of your actions, or as the Tao Te Ching calls it, "wu wei" (literally no action, but the full understanding is, no action except that which is natural), underlying an argument that in this case war is part of that. Krishna is arguing with a member of the warrior caste who doesn't want to go to war. (it's important to note "natural" here isn't being pulled along with your emotions, but rather is reference to a certain moral code; the Noble Eightfold Path, the commandments in Abrahamic religion, etc. Essentially, it's natural compassionate action after enlightenment and ego death.) The point is you don't instigate violence borne of hatred and anger. Rather, only compassion. Or as the passage from the Qur'an says that everyone ignores, "Allah loveth not the aggressors."
  9. Cocaine

    Why do you assume eastern religions are pacifist and respond with such anger? And is being led by hatred and anger from what you see on TV to act in ways that don't actually do anything productive better? You are aware Samurais believed in eastern religions, right? Did they not stab bitches? There's a difference between violence as a last resort, and being a retard and instigating violence because you watch Fox News. You're taking my point and arguing it against me? That doesn't even make sense. I have never argued against self-defense, only violence borne of hatred and anger alone.
  10. Cocaine

    Well, salvia divinorium's still legal, and psilocybin spores are legal as well in most states. You can get those same states in meditation, if not more so... surely you've read Ram Dass. Psychedelics aren't enlightenment though, they're just a glimpse at the shadows of it. And as the Buddha said, "... aging is suffering" I'm sorry but you can't blame TV news for defiling your average person's mind. Hatred, greed/attachment and delusion of egotism/independence/permanence are the poisons of the mind. If you have compassion for all living beings and are mindful of hatred and anger within yourself, seeing 9/11 shit on Fox News isn't going to phase you. In fact, without such "challenges" (if they even are that), how could you grow as a person? How could you learn compassion without suffering? How could you learn love without hatred? How could you learn patience without aggravation and anger? There's a Zen saying that goes something like, a samurai walks up to a Zen master and says, "Teach me the difference between heaven and hell." The master looks at him, laughs, and says "You're just a stupid samurai. You can't understand something like that." The samurai becomes enraged, draws his sword, and threatens to kill the master. The master laughs and says, "That is hell." The samurai realizes what has just happened. He quickly sheathes his sword, bows, and apologizes to the master. The master says, "And that is heaven." It is the difference between being swept along by wandering thoughts and emotions, and being mindful of them and not being controlled by them. No matter what you see on TV, if you are mindful and have a correct view you cannot be swept along with it. If your mind is defiled and you are easily aroused by such things to hatred, anger, greed and delusion, are not mindful of them, then you do not need a TV or a psych war to be in hell. Getting high on psychedelics is great and all, and so is meditating to similar states, but are you just getting high? If you don't bring that experience into mindfulness in your daily life, are you in heaven, or hell?
  11. Jesus H FUCK

    Step it up from that imo, they're all Russian spambots, right? Ban Russia. Ronald Reagan would approve. "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes." -Ronald Reagan, microphone test, 1984
  12. Big Corporations

    Hey Par, I thought we agreed, what happened on that mountain stays on that mountain. See, this is reason enough It's any form of it. Don't really get buzzed, just get comatose. I don't respond well to CNS depressants in general; I'm sort of a zombie when not on stimulants already, so it doesn't take a whole lot to do me in.
  13. Big Corporations

    Beer naturally tastes horrible imo, it only becomes tolerable after your brain associates alcohol with whatever taste. Sort of like coffee. It'd be interesting to see a study on current beer taste preferences correlating with the original learned taste. Otto: Yeah, you Americans, why don't you go back to the stable house und drink your Zimas and Smirnoff Ices! Not that I drink anymore, but I got to the point where beer was borderline tolerable and Smirnoff Ices were actually pretty tasty (and Mike's Hard Lemonade... I'm sure Par is questioning my T levels now). But alcohol just turns me into a zombie before knocking me out, and has a lot of calories, so I didn't see the point.
  14. Big Corporations

    I always wanted to write something combining the French and ninjas. I also want to make a video game combining invading France (as a German, naturally), zombies, and shotguns. You really can't fuck that up. I'm not sure if it would be set right after the invention of the shotgun, for a bit of the rustic village thing and fun with axes, or maybe a bit more modern to simply accommodate invading France with a panzer, single-handedly, while mowing over zombies. Shit, that's a tough call. Hey, the Umbrella Corporation did have labs in France.
  15. Russia

    Plus, I have the best plan ever for disposal of the tiny amount of waste that would get generated, even after recycling and breeding. One word: Africa. Bury it in the desert? People get pissed. Bury it in Antarctica? People get pissed. Send it into space? People get pissed. Bury it in Africa? Dude, it's Africa. No one cares. Making Africa the only continent on earth with a perceived value less than a total vacuum. Now who wants to buy stock in Frangible Atomics, Inc.?