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  1. Hormones

    I have been doing cardio at low intensity/high duration and high intensity/low duration and taking pergolide at 1.5mg a day and not seeing any results. I even got it up to 3mg for one day. It could it be that the risperdone (rispedal) I am taking is blocking the effects of pergolide? I read Loki's article and it says if you are taking DA-antagonists that it blocks the effects. Is risperdone a DA-antagonist? Am I wasting my time?
  2. Hormones

    Let me make sure I am understanding you right. At .05 mg fat loss would be becuase of appetite supression but at 1 mg daily or more it is becuase of fat oxidation?
  3. Hormones

    How about fat loss? I curently take .5mg split into two doses.
  4. Hormones

    I have hyperprolactinmia. Does this mean I'll have a harder time packing on pounds of muscle? They prescribed me Pergolide and Bromocriptine will this help me build muscle?