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  1. The Craft Beer Thrad

    Not directly a beer, but "Not Your Father's Root Beer" is pretty fucking good. I think the label is full of shit, though...this is pretty sweet and there is no sweetener indicated on the bottle. http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/24798/86622/
  2. Test

    There must be some way to coordinate them.
  3. Banned From M&M

    I'd fight Gandhi.
  4. Can any of you assholes post?

    Nope....didn't show up.
  5. Images

    What's everyone's preferred hosting site for easy IMG posting to forums? I still use Photobucket, but it seems out of date.
  6. Test

    Discussion of Test is forbidden. Your account has been permabanned.
  7. Not to mention the Hippocampus is essential for the seeking out of novel experiences, which leads to further growth and ability to deal with the environment more effectively.
  8. SesaThin Questions

    Have you tried cycling? Keep your diet ultra clean for 3-4 days, then relax a bit for 2-3 days (and use Sesathin/Sesalean.) Should allow you to tilt gains in favor of overall lean gains while keeping fat gain to a minimum.
  9. Stevia

    On purpose?
  10. Fuck You Avant

    Get back to work, Roy. Slacker.
  11. Stevia

    Is this going to link out to the GHB thread next?
  12. SesaThin Questions

    The one from the fridge should be fine. I would give the other one the old smell/taste test. Depending on when you bought it (what batch) I would wager that that one is fine as well.