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  1. Polygamy

    Well put, choice within the framework of no choice. These binary relationships also fit well with a certain amount of stability within the binary relationship of the state.
  2. Polygamy

    What would make anyone think that the US is the/a "land of the free"???
  3. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    blahh... You actually think that a community could seperate itself from dealing with the white man. That in itself is just dumb. Your constant comparisons to rape are intersting insight into your psychie though. I have spewed nothing, and if you reread this thread, it is comical that your responses have little to do with what I have written. Others are nice enough to guess what you are trying to say only. Segregation ended in your life time, sort of. You actually still have a lot of self imposed segregation across the US. "SW: Mentally stable? Why because I suggest that people who are doomed by a system might be better served by rejecting that system? Ha! Tell you what, I wonder how often you'd play basketball, if your legs were broken and your arms were tied behind your back and people kept hitting you... Rejecting the system - why, that's only the American thing to do!" This is so poetic! I can only guess you are being sarcastic. "SW: I suppose it might be interesting to look at several young girls who were brutally raped and find how they fared over time. But then to find that most "adjust reasonably well" after a few year and one of two does not, and then suggest that the one or two are to blame rather than the vile act, is not very sensible." Again, what a beauty! "To suggest that all forms of slavery are equal is just non sense too." So there are good kinds and bad kinds? How about the treatment of koreans used as slaves in japan coal mines and what not. Yet, oddly, they seem to be doing not too badly these days. I suspect you might put being worked to death in the good kind of slavery. "SW: Terms? real isn't always positive. Nature is real. When a frog eats a fly or other insect, it isn't all that positive for the fly. Being real does not, in my book equate to being positive. Real is acknowledging that when your arm is cut, and blood is flowing out, you need to deal with it. Postive is...oh, isn't the color red great!" LOL.. nothing to say, I cant take you seriously. " it's clear from the dozens if not hundress of posts here, that my perspective is the black/white issue is quite different than other racial issues" And I think it might well be clear that I dont think this is the case. In fact history.... What is white by the way???
  4. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    "SW: If you are attempting to suggest that being a white person in a african american community is even remotely like being an african american in white america, you missing some rather basic understandings. For the most obvious, anytime a white person wants to escape the black community (I mean as a whole) he/she can quite effectively do so. Aftrican Americans, if they choose to succeede economically, in the greater numbers, are forced to deal with white community. The problem is, you simply cannot live another persons life (you cannot walk in another's mocassins)" Your assumptions are funny. I never said I lived in an "african american community". I actually am a minority where I live, it isnt a matter of changing neighborhoods. "Aftrican Americans, if they choose to succeede economically, in the greater numbers, are forced to deal with white community" Oh, the horror!! Your view is understandable only to a point. Genetically, a large portion of american whites have african blood. Are they not african americans?? "The problem is, you simply cannot live another persons life (you cannot walk in another's mocassins)" But it was your exact recommendation! "SW: I'm not sure you understand one thing that I know or believe. Show me where I talk about it being less complicated than you think it is." You imply that slavery is a uniquely american historical aspect, but it isnt. "One that has roots that run long before American history. SW: That does not in anyway remove or mitigate in the least, the effect that America had/has on slaves/blacks etc... I mean, am i misreading you or are you really saying - since there has always been a problem, raping, killing and treating the people like animals can simply have no effect?" No, but it may be wise to look at how similar groups are doing today and compair that data to what is going on with the US. "Personally I think it's done more to attract young impressionable white people...but that's from a personal perspective. You might try and comprehend who you think you are talking to wrt me. I'm the kind that believes that Malcom X, when he talked about "at any price" or whathave you, (it's called terrorism today, when it's being done by those other then the police, the fbi, the nsa, etc..) was quite powerful and quite effective and by spending considerably more time teaching MLK then MX, the msg given to those wish to fight the sytem is that civil disobedience in the proper effective method. Now, I don't know how you think, and I don't know what goes into your thinking, so I'll ask you to keep an open mind. An example: I don't neccesarily think african americans should buy into our system. Perhaps they should reject it is as a whole, become whatever they wish to become - gangsters or not. I don't consider most of what's being said all that negative - more like - putting it real - all the shucking and jiving bill gates, or dell or trump doo - it's all the same thing - pussy power, kicking ass - it's just that white people have an advantage when the war is fought with pens in a civil manner. " Damn, you really believe that "afican americans"(do you include white african americans??) should wage a war on the White US??? Are you mentally stable? "I don't consider most of what's being said all that negative - more like - putting it real" "niggas and bitches", I think that is where objections are probably comming from. It isnt a positive self image. " "grow the fuck up ..or not, but those stories are getting old. " What stories are you talking about??? SW: in your spirit of discussion, it appears as if there is nothing new, it's the same spew - like someone swearing they aren't biased against the jews but keeps saying hitler quotes in the affirmative. It's old." Am I now a nazi? Where do you get this shit? "SW: How about I provide you a link to the encyclopedia of briticana, or the world history or some sort. Would you read it? Maybe if you tell me something juicy like a quote that would grab my interest.. I mean, I have a life and lot of things going on. I like to read, but I'm provided reading material from various sources on differing subjects, and few have anything to with such subjects, so don't take it personaly, but if you want someone or me to read your links, show me why I shouled take a few minuetes to do so. I mean, does paragraph A B or C completely resolve or demolish someone's thought on racism in America today or some such?" A wed site put up by those people who live in the inner city, I think it provides insite into the problem. It also makes what you just wrote look, well, just dumb. "SW: I believe if you've read me you've read it's black and white problem IN AMERICA. Thus, one should read my perspective in these talks, unless specified otherwise, to mean the racial relations in the US of A." I cant understand what this means.. Do you mean that you believe it to be a white/black, or do you mean all reacial issues? "SW: I did cocaine for a while. It became increasingly difficult to give up. I was able to with great help and one hell of a hard time. Why someone starts doing cocaine ...and why one continues to do cocaine is a different answer. However, to ignore why one started doing cocaine is not healthy in recovery, even if it does not solve the problem - that is to say, it is healthy to understand that a large part of the problem has to do with how the people were treated way back when. you want to say "yeah it happens, but that was so long ago and it doesn't matter anymore" I'd say that's not being fair.." Are we three generations from slavery? How is the african community dealing with the problems of race in the US? What do you think is the solution?(creating a new country is just stupid)
  5. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    "next try a different style of clothes - one that doesn't fit with your normal social group and see the immediate effect. imagine...you skin being different...." Wow, that totally blows me away, almost like "a time to kill"? I AM a minority where I live, my skin color IS different. I also understand it is a bit more complicated a problem than what you would like to believe. One that has roots that run long before American history. I have had guns and knife pointed at me, yes, it sucks. "And this is because of gangster rap on tv...?" Who said it was? But then again, what does the image of gangster rap on tv do for the image of the black man? You cant think it is a positive image.. "grow the fuck up ..or not, but those stories are getting old. " What stories are you talking about??? Did you do any reading on the forum I linked? Even just for the hell of it? I really do think it provides a valuable perspective on the subject. I do not believe that the problem is black vs white. History provides the evidence. Improving ones public image can only improve ones treatment. Obviously, this isnt a problem that will be solved overnight.
  6. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    This is an interesting perspective as well. http://www.streetgangs.com/billboard If you dont like PBS http://www.streetgangs.com/movies/whywebangdvd.html Read around, is quite interesting. Almost uplifting.
  7. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    Interesting related article http://www.reuters.com/article/wtMostRead/...017076720070221 PBS is going to broadcast on Tue.
  8. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    A rich man once said that to become rich, one must walk the very fine line between what is legal and what is not. "So at the very top of a system many believe in more then they do then their belief in god, we have...crooks or those that descended from crooks. And not one, not two, not 80%, not even virtually 100%, but nothing less than all - no exceptions." a little over the top, dont you think? " if all black people made a million bucks, well, who would do any work?" Probably poor white people. Though the idea of "a day without mexicans" is somewhat silly, it isnt a "mexican" issue, but a poverty issue. There are people in the phillipeans who live on land fills collecting recyclables in order to live. Given the opportunity to work in the conditions mexicans get, im sure they would be happy to make the move. "The dream many talk about is just that a dream." The dream is not just a dream. It is a tool that allows people to feel privilaged to live in the US. It is a very important tool considering there is little glue on the social fabric of the country. It is only similar to the iraq situation in that it is propaganda. "complain that the black man gets a dime." Welfare?? But does gov assistance really assist or just create dependance? A safety net is nessary as a short term situation. When one has the ability to continue to live on it, it becomes a problem.
  9. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    Not benson, but I have no idea what you are saying here. Where is the US does one find spending wealth a problem? I think the point with multiculturalism(more probably affirmitive action) was that it is reinforcing the use of racism/sexism. That if the state changed its position, the market would take care of the rest. I dont have any idea where you got blacks as promoting ebonics though. The more times I read this post, the less I understand it.. forget it..
  10. one thing you would change about your gym

    One of them low oxygen rooms for the treadmill would be cool.
  11. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    This family aspect is very interesting. How does one get at this issue? What is it that causes the break down of the family unit? Public assistance is a major problem, but how would you propose getting rid of it? Suddenly pulling out would cause all sorts of mayham. Another problem is the gang problem. For big cities, this is an area which the government really should get involved and dismantle. Legalizing drugs to some extent would pull profits from gangs, but it is only one part of that problem.
  12. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    I see racism as the key point here, but how is the problem defined (economic specific)? How long will it take for markets to fix the problem? In terms of education, some people feel being with a mix of levels, intellectually/culturally/economically, a valuable part of the education. I don’t see that happening with a privatization of the educational system. " How would they be able to trigger the greed reaction?" perhaps time is the most important factor?
  13. The median IQ reaction to Silverman, Borat, et al..

    Do you think graduation rates have anything to do with the quality of education being provided?? Is giving a ferrari to a bad driver and wondering why they didnt win the race the proper question? Standardized tests have what to do with actual performance? I used to make fun shapes with the scantrons, im sure my scores were exceptionally good markers for my ability! I am not saying that the quality of education has improved or not, but just that these kinds of markers may or may not have much to do with it. I think there is a greater social problem, probably a great deal of sloth, lack of family structure, and an economical problem behind it. Giving people a tax break to go to a private school sounds good on paper, but how can you be sure the quality of that education is any good? Is everyone going to be able to go to the same great school(how ever this has been evaluated)? How many people live below the poverty line in the US? Are the kids going to become vitims of dumb parents? (I can see an IQ argument entering here.)