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  1. Corneal Neovascularization

    Hey, I recently self-diagnosed with corneal neovascularization. It's actually pretty bad at this stage, but since I was ignorant of it and just thought that I had red eyes for the last year, I didn't do anything. Immediately after self-diagnosis I took out my contacts and purchased some glasses, which I have been wearing for the last two days. I suffered from frequent staphylococcal infections under my eyelids, probably from the veins compromising the unique immune structure of the cornea. I saw several doctors and an optometrist about this over the last year although they were clueless and just told me to put hot cloths on my eye. Anyway, I made an appointment to see a GP, so I can get a referral to an ophthalmologist. Since I live in Canada, this will take a while several weeks. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to improve the health of my eyes, and maybe increase the speed at which the veins are drained? Any supplements, drugs, suggestions are welcome. PS: I've read about the application of topical corticosteroids but I'd like to wait for the specialist's opinion first.
  2. Phenibut

    Can anyone attest to this? I wouldn't mind snorting; doesn't burn too bad.
  3. Timing for Passionflower Extract

    Hey. Dumb Questions forum, but not looking for dumb answers. I could probably find recomendations on the timing with no substantiation, but I would like some, whether anecdotal or scientific. How long should I take passionflower extract before an event like a speech for the best benefit? I'm looking for a reduction in anxiety, and other states that don't really have words: "openness," "sociability."
  4. why is there something insted of nothing

    There simply is. In other words, "why?" assumes antecedent factors. But existence exists. Asking why presumes you can explain it in a method beyond existence; explaining existence in terms of non-existence.
  5. First Movers and The Good

    Maybe instead of Prime Mover, in the Aristotelian "Cosmological Argument" sense, he means the individuals who exercise their will (which, metaphysically, is self-causation) to create--in the Atlas Shrugged sense.
  6. Libertarianism is Stupid

    This is absolutely false. How much time have you spent studying Rand's life apart from the accounts of her detractors, who are demonstrated liars? If you've read Nathaniel and Barbara Branden, I suggest you look at "The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics" by James Valliant. I have spoken to many people who have met her, and read what her closest friend's have had to say, and none indicated her as jaded or unhappy. Infact, they identified her as an impassioned valuer with an amazing lust for life. Just an example, which I am recalling from memory and was written in Charles and Mary Anne Sures' Facets of Ayn Rand (close personal long time friends of Frank O'Connor and Miss Rand), was that the moment after being relieved from the hospital after an intense surgery late in her life, she still found joy listening to her favourite music, waving her baton around. If you even take what you wrote as a valid criticism, then you are surely interested in finding out whether it is true or not. I suggest you start with "Thirty Years with Ayn Rand: An Intellectual Memoir" by Leonard Peikoff, and the DVD "Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life" directed by Michael Paxton. Peikoff's is available in audio here for free: http://www.aynrand100.org/lifeworks.html Nevertheless, Ayn Rand was never a libertarian. Indeed, she was avowedly against the libertarian movement. There is plenty of information on this; for a good look, read "Libertarianism: A Perversion of Liberty" by Peter Schwartz. At the end of my post is a Q + A with Miss Rand on libertarians. http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pag...us_libertarians
  7. Administering Pheromones

    Apparently there is no negative feedback loop for these like with the HPTA. Applying them may even cause a negligable positive feedback mechanism because of the short spike in LH.
  8. Anti-Dane protests over 'blasphemous' cartoons

    I assumed that if in convorsation one was talking about "whites", an honest individual interested in productive communication would take the word at its vernacular usage then carry on from there. That said, if you did not understand what I meant, I apologize for being unclear. You may, however, reply to my post as if I had said "caucasian" instead of "white," if you wish.
  9. Benefits of Religion

    I have not read the study, but I think it shows that weekly group interaction with like-minded individuals shows a physical benefit compared to those who may or may not have such interaction and may or may not be religious. It is possible that the group who did not attend religious services in the study are all religious individuals. It is also possible that there are thousands of other factors, including factors with negative consequences on their health such as a stressful lifestyle, that preclude them from going to said services. One might assume a good follow up study would be to examine whether secular, regular interaction with a group of people provides the same physical benefits, but we know that since religion is completely arbitrary it provides no extended "miracle" benefit. We also know from philosophy that delusion of oneself from the factors of reality that influence one's life can only result in some type of long term psychological or physical stress. I think this type of study provides little benefit to most people since there are thousands of factors in an individual's life that need to be controlled to make any clear implications.
  10. Never Ending Cycle

    500 mg of testosterone undecanoate forever. Or whatever you can push it to while keeping cholesterol normal. 400 showed no negative effect, 600 showed a reduction in HDL (I think the ester was enanthate). This is your base, then add more for short periods.
  11. What really grinds my gears?

    Whole reading, and it had nothing to do with the phonics method. It is another new-left idea that crippled the minds of thousands of people.
  12. Squats do Not help grow upper body?

    Squats? Isometrically, maybe slightly in the back, abs, and whatever else is stabilizing. Negligable. Deadlifts work your forarms and traps fairly hard. They don't work your pecs, if that's what you're asking. PS: Squats and deadlifts performed well (no rest, hardcore) surge major amounts of testosterone and hGH into your blood stream to cause complete anabolic synergy throughout your whole body!!1!1
  13. Laser Hair Removal

    Thanks Magic. Is it common that the hair grows back? I don't want to spend that much, maybe I'll just buy a Razorba or pay to get waxed (which would still end up being cheaper and seems to last about a month or more anyway). Might get some spots on my face done though just above my eyebrows/near hairline. You checked out Razorba? Google.
  14. Laser Hair Removal

    Thanks Magic. Is it common that the hair grows back? I don't want to spend that much, maybe I'll just buy a Razorba or pay to get waxed (which would still end up being cheaper and seems to last about a month or more anyway). Might get some spots on my face done though just above my eyebrows/near hairline. You checked out Razorba? Google.
  15. Laser Hair Removal

    Has anyone done this type of procedure? If you have, please outline the costs, area done, your satisfaction rating, how long/if it grew back, and anything else you would like to include.