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Go to hell or banish forever?

Which version of death do you perfer?  

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  1. 1. Choose!

    • Go to hell and go under severe torture for eternity
    • Blank out after you just die.
    • I don't believe in hell / etc.
    • I am not a sinner - I dont curse, get jealous, and forgive my neighbor for fucking my wife

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Good thread,by all accounts.


I feel compelled to state that Frangible is.....greeeat a'la Tony The Tiger,and I love this hippie-esque motherfucker as he deftly evades common pitfalls that most granola headed hippies seem prone to :wub:


If I had the requisite means to do so,I would send you as much free Avant product as your heart desired.


Haha :wub:

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"I don't believe in hell / etc."

anyone here know anything about the merkaba

I don't belive in here, but I believe the exist of soul after people dead, I think they will stay in the place they really want such as the place around their family. Another thought, maybe when we dead we born in the other world, and when they dead, they born in our world.

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