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Politially correct or incorrect?

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Politics play a role in every thing in society. I feel the gov. has the right to be politically incorrect the same as they are correct. Here are a few reasons I have. This is a breif description of two proffessors. The 300 level prof is the dean of graduate studies and the 700 level is the director of NASA-Center of Aerospace Research. They are both in the wrong but have the right to be in the wrong. NC A&T SU-Dept. of Mech. Eng.




Dr. Uitenham- Director of Mechanical Engineering

1601 E. Market St.

Greensboro, NC 27411


Dear Dr. Uitenham:

There are employees in the department of mechanical engineering that are treating me with discrimination and I would like for these complaints to be filed with the university. Two of which are professors of classes I had during the spring semester of 2007 and one is my advisor. My advisor Dr. Sundaresan probably is the apex of the ploy and center of the forecast gang. Without an intense investigation this theory is only speculation, but with very good probability of being true. I have included two formal appeals for grade reevaluation that are be detrimental to the fairness of the final appeal decision and I will go to the utmost extreme to regain custody of my civil right amongst this gang. Hoping the Dean’s, Vice-Chancellor’s, and Chancellor’s will not join this malicious gang that encroaches my civil rights, but will move forward in the birth of the truth. NC A&T SU has built their pride and reputation on the civil rights movement and I would hope this is not bias. Everything that these conspirators’s might say is jabberwocky until they submit to a polygraph test.



Best Regards,



DKP II - Provisional Graduate Student





















Complaint for Meen 336-Strengths of Material’s with Dr. Craft (spring07’)



Course Meen 336-strengths of materials instructed by Dr. Craft with teaching assistant Joshua was misevaluated. On several instances credit wasn’t given were credit was due.

The first incident was on Test #1, question #2-a two part truss analysis problem. I received 5 out of 30 pts for part a (the basic problem) and 10 out of 10 pts for part b (the variation of load). 25 pts was deducted from part a, for not showing my work. How did I get the total number of points for part b if work wasn’t shown for part a? Well, the work was properly numbered on the blank sheets attached for scratch work. After we reviewed the test in class, I immediately returned the test to Dr. Craft and defended my grade. A few days later I went to the office of Dr. Craft to see if he had my test grade re-evaluated. Dr. Craft said,” He had it and hasn’t looked at it, it was some where” like he was ignoring that he owed me 25 points for the work shown. To make a long story short I was given a score of 78 pts for first test, as were the score should have been 103 pts out of 120 pts. The second incident was on test #2. It was miscalculated and Dr. Craft just incoherently ignored re-evaluating the test grade. The test consisted of two parts; the first part was in class worth 60% and the second part was a take home consisting of a statically indeterminate shaft problem and a computer problem worth 40%. Well, the points were miscalculated on the take home section. He divided the points of the computer problem between the write up and the program. I was the only student to get 60 out of 60 pts for the shaft problem. I was given 20 pts for the program and 15 pts for the write up. Dr. Craft miscalculated the total points giving me 10pts for the program and 15 pts for the write up giving me a total of 85, where the points added up to 95, a 10 pt error. After reviewing the test in class the test was returned to Dr. Craft and again he incoherently ignored correcting his mistake. He is either; ADD and incompetent, or he is manipulating my intelligence, I will not be manipulated and intellectually handicapped by Dr. Craft. A total of 35 point were taken from my final test score and with three test that is 35/3=11.67 points or more than a whole letter grade taken from my overall test score average. If that isn’t bad enough I was given 0’s on the last 5 quiz grades when they were not 0’s. I spoke to Dr. Craft’s teaching assistant Joshua about the last quiz, which was counted as two quizzes. Joshua immediately entered my grade into his spreadsheet of quiz scores. Joshua split the quiz grade into 3 separate quiz grades and said,” It would be better for the students” and before leaving Joshua said,” Tell the other students they can pick their quizzes up from him at room 328 in the IRC building”.

There is a very good probability that there are extremely gross errors in all areas of the grade evaluation and I would like for Dr. Craft to provide proof of every score including last test and final exam. I would like for Dr. Craft’s and Joseph’s homework, quiz, test, and final exam evaluation to be reevaluated by Dr. Joseph Monroe, Dean, College of Engineering, and Dr. Leonard Uitenham, Chairperson, Mechanical/Chemical Engineering to ensure they are grades on a consistent basis and I’m being treated equal (ex. On all homework, and quizzes we were given credit for the correct derivation of the singularity function and on the last test all of the singularity derivation was counted wrong because of a simple boundary condition mistake-50 pts!). I would like for the test and final exam to be compared to other students in the class checking for bias evaluations. I’m willing to submit to a polygraph test and would like the professor to do the same.

Dr. Craft has used profanity in the class room and this is proof that he does have uncontrolled aggression that could be directed toward students in the form of wrongful grade evaluations. I GOD honestly feel that he is a threat to the students academic and psychological wellbeing. You can ask any student and they will tell you the same thing.








































Complaint for Meen 731-Conduction with Dr. Ferguson (spring07’)



Course Meen 731-Conduction was instructed by Dr. Ferguson on Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:00pm-7:15pm and with teaching assistant was Mr. Gafar. Dr. Ferguson did not attend all scheduled class periods and he was very bias about office visitation.

Dr. Ferguson missed the first two class periods of the spring 2007’ semester. Between spring break and the final exam he held approximately 6 total classes, two of which were held by his teaching assistant Mr. Gafar. Dr. Ferguson’s attendance statistic was approximately 60% of the total scheduled class periods. Attendance wasn’t the only problem I had with the course. Dr. Ferguson did not have midterm examinations till 2 weeks after spring break, after midterm evaluation deadlines and the class midterm examination evaluations were not filed with the registar. I received a scored of 109 out of 150 pts with the lowest score being a 79, the highest score being 130. How did Suhiula get an exam score higher than me if she didn’t even touch the last 50 pt problem on the midterm examination? James scored 79%, Trevor had 110% so, Suhiula must have dad the 12#% or the 130% without the last 50 pts question the most she could have made was 100 out of 150 pts. This if proof that Dr. Ferguson shows favoritism and since, he shows favoritism he also discriminates, lies, cheats, is prejudice, violates civil rights, and amendments. After normalizing the midterm examination I would have an 86%, all my homework assignments were completed and corrected for full credit except for one assignment.

After semester midterm exams, we began a series of projects for numerical modeling of heat conduction problems and this was not listed as a part of the grade evaluation in the course syllabus. There have been a number of instances that material given to me has had typos and mistakes, which I consider to be intentional and a ploy (ex. On the first project the handout refers to the boundaries and does not give which boundary is A, B, C, or D; but, the questions refer to boundary A, B, C, and D). These projects were started several weeks later than the scheduled date due to Dr. Ferguson exotic vacation to Guana or something like that. The first project was very disturbing since, it was assigned on the Tuesday before Good Friday and all computer laboratories were closed for Easter weekend. I did not have a functioning computer, and have not been assigned one through the gradate school either. I know that this isn’t Dr. Ferguson’s responsibility and it is my advisors Dr. Sundaresan’s ploy. Using the available resources I finished the numerical engine the Thursday before Good Friday, then my computer crashed and I lost all the work. The next day I went to room 328 in the IRC building were his teaching assistants and some of the other classmates do their work. After working on the project for about 2 hours the computer crashed when I removed a zip drive. Everyone had left for the evening except Stephen and he did not know the login to the computer. I went to McNair and was told the computer laboratories were closed for Easter weekend and wouldn’t reopen till Monday. Now at a total disadvantage, unfortunate, and psychologically disturbed about finishing the project by the deadline I took the night off. The next day using the public libraries I completed a very rough draft of project #1 to turn in on the Monday after Easter weekend. Something is better than nothing as I saw it. After turning in my unrefined project I found out other students were allowed to turn project in late, I felt much unappreciated and deliberately uninformed of extension grants. Turning the project in late would have been to my advantage, because instead of 2 pts I might have got 3-4 pts for a more refined project. The next class period a student by the name of James asked if we had to do these projects to pass and Dr. Ferguson passively said, “I don’t know”. We were assigned a project every week for the last month; I managed to complete the engine and a crude outline for all of them. The whole time Dr. Ferguson’s teaching assistant Gafar kept telling me that everyone in the class would make at least B’s and not to worry. On several occasions I found that the differential problem submitted on homework assignments were counted correct when they were not correct. This is proof that there was a ploy against me. Think I know the problem is correct I would get incorrect on the midterm examination. Haile one of Dr. Ferguson’s researchers said,” I was the hardest worker in conduction” and I honestly felt that Gafar and Haile representatives’ of Dr. Ferguson were being honest and truthful. After working on the final exam project for a week, I completed the engine and formatted the outline. At this time I went to Dr. Ferguson about the project. He reviewed the first part of our projects helping us individually; he was always helping the other students revise their papers. But, when I went to him for help all he did was criticize my grammar saying, a person’s writing really tells him what they know and who they are. He also, said,” Anyone can make the numerical engine and plot the graphs”. It is obvious that if I can produce the engine and plot the graphs, I know what I’m doing. I made a few changes that he suggested and went back to more help. He printed it and said,” This is trash” throwing it in the trash can, and he said,” Just turn in whatever you have Monday and I’ll take it”. He said this as if I was going to make at least a B, he knows I’m required to make a B, why didn’t he say, you need to work very hard on the project if you want a B.

I really fell that I was mislead by the TA’s into believing I would receive at least B’s. I GOD honestly feel deep within my heart and soul that there was a ploy against me and I was treated very unfair. I expected to get a B regardless of the reports. I would like for Dr. Ferguson’s and Gafar’s evaluation to be reevaluated by Dr. Joseph Monroe, Dean, College of Engineering, and Dr. Leonard Uitenham, Chairperson, Mechanical/Chemical Engineering to ensure I’m being treated equal. Again, I feel I was manipulated by his TA and I deserve restitution for this by being awarding the grade of B and/or compensation for my time, and tuition expenses. I would like to see Dr. Ferguson and Gafar required submitting to a polygraph test and I will do the same if this complaint is abominated.


Fredrick Ferguson’s showing favoritism that is putting me at a disadvantage:

!” After assigning the first project one of the classmates Trevor one of FF’s researchers had a copy of the report that was done by someone the following year. FF said he didn’t want it to be distributed.

While working on a report Suhiala shared a excel chart that was given to her by FF. That is proof that FF was aiding in the bet of technical fraud.”!




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