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Full Outing of Steroid Guru Anthony Roberts

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From "The Mongolian" as posted on a number of BB and Steroid Related web sites, however has since been pulled off of most of them.


Will try to get a link posted from those sites to this topic.


Mongol says thanks for keeping it alive.




************************************************** *********


For those of you who are aware of this individual, there is a self-proclaimed “Steroid Guru†on the Internet by the name of “Anthony Robertsâ€. He has even published a book on that subject (“Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guideâ€). There have been many rumors that some material in this book was actually "lifted" from an earlier book by William Llewellyn, but I don't know anything about that aspect. What I have heard was that it did occur but that Llewellyn is afraid of suing Roberts (er, Connors).


But I do know that this book has what I feel to be some highly inaccurate and poor material... AND that it was NOT co-authored by an “Anthony Roberts†And that the authors real name is Anthony Connors.


Anthony Connors is a 29 year old male (27 - 28 when he "wrote" this book).


Also, his "Bio" as Anthony Roberts – a Bio that he mentions repeatedly Online in the Internet - is terribly inflated (notice that he never mentions any details of where these things happened at).


Most of the things listed (not all but most) DID happen, but at a much "lesser level" than that claimed.


By the Spring of 2007, a number of Internet sites had started "outing" who Anthony Roberts truly is.


One example of that can be found at:




(An example can also be found on William Llewellyn’s web site)


I decided to check out the points listed there. I had already been tracking this individual - and particulars pointed out here allowed me to research and fill in the blanks more fully.


Not every point listed there is exactly correct as the author of this “outing†wasn’t aware of some of the terminologies.


For example Connors didn’t play in Intramural Rugby but played in Club Rugby – both at Seaton Hall where he attended college, and also in the “Adult Leagues†in which he plays (or at least played - not known if he is in fact actually playing for anyone currently).


Please note however that this list of “outing†lies does contain a link to:




This link is especially important as a zoom-in on those documents shows that certain copyright forms required for this book were signed NOT by Anthony Roberts, but were signed by Anthony Connors (as signing with a false name would have been a Federal offense, so he had to sign using his real name).


As of November 1st, 2007, I knew the following to be accurate about this individual.


His name is Anthony Robert Connors. His date of birth is 12-25-1977. Up until recently he lived in Hasbrouck Hts., NJ and in the past has shown an address of 132 Lawrence Avenue, Hasbrouck Hts., NJ with a phone of 201-288-7551 (and I believe that in fact is his mother’s address and telephone number). Based on information shown in his “official web site†Blog, however it appears (unless it is disinformation) that Anthony is “on the moveâ€.


See: http://www.anthony-roberts.com/blog/?cat=1

(Posting dated 11-4-2007 and 11-7-2007)


By his own admission, he took up the pseudonym of "Anthony Roberts" when he began (intensive and extensive) on the Internet in a highly pro-steroid manner - to include posting about his ongoing current use of steroids, different steroid cycles performed, different PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) regimens he did, etc.


(No wonder he wanted to be kept anonymous as he was clearly breaking numerous Federal laws).


He, of course, also then proceeded to write this book (along with Brian Clapp) under the name of Anthony Roberts. He has said that he didn't want to use his Connors name as he was teaching school at that time and was fearful of losing his job if the name connection was made.


Up until this last year he played rugby for the Bayonne Bombers in northern New Jersey but has since left that team and is claiming to be now playing for one of the top rugby men's club teams in the country (though he never, ever identifies just who they are).


As of the date indicated, he was also the rugby coach for the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA – and it is a government service academy just like West Point, the Coast Guard Academy, etc.) whose rugby team played in the Metropolitan New York Rugby League.


Their administration at USMMA did NOT know of the connection between THIS Anthony Roberts and THEIR Anthony Connors - although they do know NOW (since 11/6 when Vice Admiral Stewart was so notified).


It is unknown if Connors is still employed there now.


If readers examine the “unofficial†web site for the USMMA rugby team and looks at the pictures and Bio of Anthony Connors and compares it with a link that shows pictures and Bios of Anthony Roberts, it is obvious that it is the same individual.


USMMA “unofficial site†(apparently from 2005 – 2006):



From official Anthony Roberts web site:




And finally, as far back as last March, Anthony Roberts himself conceded that he was indeed Anthony Connors. Even that was done in his typical self-serving way – and one that once again provided no details that could be reviewed for accuracy.


Anthony’s OWN statement:


Quote by Anthony Roberts:




"There have been some stupid posts/threads showing up on the 'net lately trying to discredit me...I'm going to copy/paste my Blog post in reference to them: Note: I'm 29, don't 'live with my mommy' (I live in an apartment in New Jersey, and choose to work from my parents home when I'm online, because I like to seperate my work and home life). I coach a first division collegiate team (there are no "intramural teams" in college rugby, and the team I coach is 2 years undefeated champions in our division/union), I play for a first division mens club team (one of the best in the country, no, not in Bayonne for the Bombers any longer) and have played in New Zealand as well as on several All-Star teams in my career, I have nothing to do with RoidStore (I earn no money off supplements other than the ones with my name on them from the Protein Factory)... ...and I am in fact a member of MENSA (Northern New Jersey). Oh....and Seton Hall does have a rugby team. Duh...in the USA, rugby is controlled by the USARFU not the NCAA, so it doesn't have varsity status, and is considered a club. It's not intramural...that's a bit silly..â€


And now the BEST part:


"...my name is in fact 'Anthony Robert Connors' although when I started writing about steroids, I wrote under my first and middle name because I was teaching at the time and didn't want it to jepordize my career (now, I kept "Roberts" because that's what people know me as)... "


Note that he doesn't mention what team he currently plays for, but that his current rugby team is one of the "best Rugby clubs in the country" (why not identify them if he is coming completely clean). Also that he coaches a "a first division collegiate team" and that "and the team I coach is 2 years undefeated champions in our division/union" (that would be the United States Merchant Marine Academy Rugby team, which also went undefeated in this Fall 2007 season… I wonder if they had any chemical enhancement assistance in running together three regular seasons undefeated… probably about as much chance as Barry Bonds has similar type assistance!).


By the way…. He is a Mensa member?


His quote really sounds like it!

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