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Dumbquestions? Mycoplasma bacteria/URI/Diabetes

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Stumbled across this great board and finally seems a place to ask a couple of dumb questions that i cant get answers to..and need. Probably am wrong but thought i would try. this will be a novel bc im not sure how else to explain why i have the questions and how they might apply. im sorry if this is the wrong place.


Short (ok long :wacko:) history. As a cat lover who ends up with strays and dumps, but on disability i do the best i can with limited resources. 4 years ago a cat I had taken in developed diabetes which after 4 months of tight regulation went into diet controlled remission. Shortly thereafter he devoloped feline herpes manfesting with the upper respiratory infection symptom and became a full blown chronic URI. He autoagglutinated and also headed south with Pneumonia. Given that steroids were impossible given his compromised immune system, which would be the normal treatment, vets essentially said just support and euthanasia is the next likely step. Unwilling to accept this i reasoned that there is no reason to die from pneumonia so long as you can slam what causes it:


1. Find a non steroidal mucus breaker upper to help his breathing and reduce the strain on his blood/heartbreathing while he was ill. Rented an oxygen tank to give atrovent via nebulizer 4 x a day.


2. Switched him from clavamox bc of its possible relationship to auto agglutination - no idea why vets seemed to think you give a patient a drug that has been known to cause a problem he has but i demanded the switch - to doxycycline for the probable added bacterial components to the pneumonia


3. sub q fluids 125-175ml daily while in crises


3. regular percussion, supportive care.


He recovered quickly on the doxycycline, his auto agglutination disappeared and he went limping on with his chronic URI. Essentially like a kid with asthma who would have days where it was worse but overall a happy good life, always with at least "allergy" symptoms. Every three months or so the "upper' part of the respiratory infection would go lower and he was back to pneumonia. During the time he was not, he received fairly regular subq fluids to keep him very well hydrated and lessen the chance of bacteria going from his bronchial tract into his lungs


By the 3rd time he got pneumonia I noticed a pattern of his post illness period being far better than his pre pneumonia weeks. Started to suspect that mycoplasmic bacteria was the actual cause of most of his respiratory problems, not the herpes virus itself. Vet doubted my theory since it is well tolerated in most cats upper respiratory system, but agreed to a period of 2 weeks on doxycycline, one week off and that worked well but i could not afford it forever and also had to balance the possible/probable development of resistance to doxy and i needed it to work when he did get pneumonia. My theory has been :


-the herpes virus suppressed his immune response to the normal toleration of mycoplasmic bacteria

-just as likely that he has a small viral component to his URI and a large bacterial one as vice versa

-the quick (24 hours) response to doxycycline buttresses that. won't affect the viral.

-a cat with a supressed immune system should take longer to get better not 24 hours when he drops quicly and is close to death at the start of the antibiotic and supportive therapy. (he can turn from fine and relatively healthy into to weak to stand, unable to breath within hours)


SO...now for my dumb questions

Dumb question 1.

In december he started to sputter out of his diabetes remission. For about 4 weeks i found that when his blood glucose spiked up i could reduce it by giving sub q fluids. What in the world could be the reason for electrolytes and fluids reducing BG's? vet is not sure why, says it doesnt make a lot of sense but agreed it did keep him off insulin for a while


Dumb question 2.

Ever since his return of diabetes his chronic upper respiratory disease has receded quite a bit. He still has a stuffy nose but most of the time his breathing is much better and he has not needed fluids once. I suggested to the vet it was simply because he was more hydrated during to drinking more water but he pointed out that since he was not regulated at first the extra water was not actually hydrating him properly, which makes sense, and now he is sort of regulated on insulin his water consumption is down. However he still has blood sugar levels of between 180 at his peak and 374 pre shot. So... do mycoplasma or other bacteria that can cause respiratory infections do better in a low glucose enviroment or a high one? or does it not matter. Is it possible that because of the his high glucose levels that it is making his system less pleasant for the nasties that caused his 4 years of chronic respiratory disease.


One of the reasons i want to know if there is any science behind my half baked theories is that in december a starving but incredibly affectionate tom cat arrived at my door. Obviously a dump which flabbergasted me since he was so social with the other 8 cats, and loving with all humans. Turns out he is FIV+ (feline aids to be simplistic)


This brings up a couple of problems...he is not in an ideal home for an FIV+ cat but most don't want the challenge of these babies, and i really really need to know how likely it is that Butterscotch's URI is more bacterial in nature or viral since this will affect how I treat Big Boy if he develops any symptoms of a respiratory nature. I live on 700 a month so have no way to afford all the cultures, tests, and even treatments he deserves..im essentially stuck with home care, L-Lysine and antibiotics for 2ndry infections. Can't afford the viral immune system booster meds. I also need to try and keep the big gun antibiotics for the worst times he might have, rathert than run the risk of resistance to them when really needed. Since i cant be sure either way, I have to go on what i see and what is scientifically possible/likely


Vet's seem to have experience with either diabetes, or with feline herpes, or with FIV but not many know more than the basics about each even though they can be fairly expert with one of them. I can hand them studies and they end up agreeing wth some of my seeming unorthodox requests about treatment but so far i cant find one study that addresses glucose enviroment and mycoplasma. And as a layman not sure how to look for the ones that might address supressed immune systems and diabetes, or suppressed immune systems and mycoplasma.


sorry for the novel and the dumb question but i don't know who to ask, or where to ask and anything i can think of to find out is cost prohibitive. At least if i can wrap my brain around the science between these then i can extrapolate into a working theory for feline treatments and take it into consideration.


runs and hides...i know it sounds nuts.

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