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2 week on/off dbol/anadrol

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Well first off I'm a long time lurker and now I finally have something I'd like to run by you.


It appears that HCG and Novadex are unattainable at this point in time, thus I do not wish to use a long ester/cycle. This leads me to believe that several two week on cycles run back to back would be best. Ideally I figure a tren/dbol stack would be best, or a dbol suspention/prop. or a similar mix. Whatever, problem is dbol, winny and anadrol are everywhere and obtaining ten/suspension/prop. maybe difficult. With this information assume orals are only obtainable.


I was considering dbol and winny but would rather avoid winny completely do to the joint issues. Hence the title, (sounds crazy huh?) but maybe it could work better than straight dbol. I was thinking 25-50mg anadrol before bed (or 25 before bed and 25 first thing) and two doses dbol throughout the day 40mg? Run at least three of these 2on/2off cycles, I would say four or five but no HCG.


ALA during and after

Milk thistle during and after

B vitamins during and after

Formestane on cycle not post?

E/C post cycle


1,4,6-androstatriene-3,17-dione - during and post?


3,6,17-androstenetrione during and post?


I'm a little bit worried about the reputation of gyno from anadrol and dbol, I was figuring maybe low loses of the above AIs during, formestane cannot be used post? and which of the two andros is best (sorry I have a head ache and can't find the info). What do you think.


EDIT: Not doing this, no longer viable anyways.

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