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PEA Newbie. Question about effects, dosage, ect.

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Hey, I'm new to all this and was wondering about a few things.


I'm really interested in PEA, but I also would like to know about a few other substances. My favorite recreational substances are ones the release endorphins and i'm not looking for any kind of "Trip," or anything like jitters, nevousness, ect. :wacko: The drugs i usually take are Oxycontin, and heroin.


What does PEA make you feel like ? How can you use it ? What form does it come in (Liquid, powder, ect.) ? Where can I buy pure PEA (can anyone point out a good chemical supplier) ? How long do the effects last ?


Also what is deprenyl ? I know that PEA is the chemical responsible for falling in love :wub: (which would be ALOT of fun to play with recreationally) but i'm not sure what deprenyl is.


Also can you guys give me brief description of L-theanine, D-Beta-Phenylalanine, hordenine, SAM-e ? (I apologize for my ignorance on these subjects as I am new to these forums. I Promise with your guys' help, I will learn fast.)


I appreciate the help



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