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Anabolics and Rheumatoid Arthritis

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I also have a really bad rheumatoid arthritis flare up. This might 6 months or a year. I wonder if anabolic steroids could somehow make the same impact as corticosteroids.


The problem is that the main is so intense.


If this is the case, the doctor would like recommend prednisone, a corticosteroid as a "bridge" drug until the other drugs start to work. I gained 60 pounds of fat the last time I was on prednisone. I was a total mess. My doctor totally neglected me. I am not going on that drug again.


If anabolic steroids have the same impact as corticosteroids... then body building and weight lifting with anabolics would actually be better with less side-effects. I have superdrol (anabolic or not).


I could take it and my side-effect is no more 6 hour a night sleeps because the pain is gone.


I read that anabolics interferes with rheumatoid arthritis--positive or negative.


Maybe someone knows better.


Thanks. This would help me so much.

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Superdrol is not the type of anabolic that would help you,avoid it.


Low dose anavar (10mg twice ED) would likely be beneficial,although relief may take several months to manifest.


Milk thistle,Sesathin and NAC would be requisites for an extended (albeit low dose) anavar cycle.SAM-e would also be a worthy adjunct IMO.


Search mindandmuscle.net forums under the user name LLiorh and anavar,he posted a thread up indicating low dose anavar is helpful over the long term with bone/connective tissue recuperation.

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