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I have some old Superdrol, but need a PCT

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Hey I have some old superdrol. I think I might need something to take afterwords. Recommendations? Dosage? Duration? Thanks in advance.


Rebound XT (discontinued) and Novadex XT have been recommended.


Superdrol Reccomended Dosage

Weeks 1-2 2 caps (20 mg) Superdrol

Weeks 3-4 3 caps (30 mg) Superdrol

Weeks 5-6 4 caps (40 mg) Superdrol

Week 7 4 caps (100 mg) Novadex XT

Week 8 3 caps (75 mg) Novadex XT

Week 9 2 caps (50 mg) Novadex XT

Week 10 1 cap (25 mg) Novadex XT

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