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Let's talk mobility. I've been doing Joe Defranco's Limber 11 (sequel to agile 8) link below. I usually make 0 time for mobility, so I'm trying to be better. I have noticed I'm getting much better at the exercises in terms of range of motion. Any exercises you guys do that could fill in some holes in my mobility work. How often is everyone doing it? I'm looking for something I can do that won't take a lot of time because it's hard to get motivated to do these foo-foo exercises anyways.


FWIW I haven't static stretched in about 5 years.


Defranco's Limber 11



Of course Dan John says foam rolling is for wimps.



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Pretty good. I'd add something for hamstrings and something for calves:



And definitely something for upper back/thoracic spine:


Also get that ball and put it on your traps and the ridge of your scapula and roll around on it. 

If you like more movement based stuff look into the functional movement screen and run through a few of those movements every day,  especially the overhead squat. 


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